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First courtroom date set in Lowe’s Vaca retailer male-on-male intercourse harassment go well with – The Reporter

A San Francisco attorney, Lowe’s Corp. sued, and believed to be an attorney for the company, will be in the Solano County Superior Court on October 19 at a civil law conference over a former employee of a Vacaville store for alleged sexual harassment of men against men.

Kelly Armstrong and Lowe’s attorney are scheduled to meet Judge Christine Carringer at Division 12 of the Old Courthouse in Fairfield at 8:30 a.m., according to court records.

Lowe’s Company Inc. is being sued over a “worrying pattern” of male sexual harassment against men in its Vacaville store, Armstrong said earlier this month after filing the civil lawsuit.

In a press release and during a brief interview, Armstrong said she filed the lawsuit on behalf of a John Doe and withheld his identity over the nature of the complaint, which alleged several “pleas” against Lowes Home Center and a former employee in 1751 E. Monte Vista Ave. Store, identified as Mark Fox.

“Male-to-male sexual harassment is widespread in the United States, but employers routinely disregard complaints when the victim is male,” Armstrong said. “Oddly enough, men who are sexually harassed in the workplace are lagging behind women who made noticeable progress during the #MeToo era.”

“My client has repeatedly reported to management some of the most egregious harassment imaginable – harassment that is hard to imagine being ignored if the victim were female – but his appeals have been dismissed, with retaliation and even physical Faced with threats. “

In a copy of the 17-page complaint received by The Reporter, the lawsuit alleges a hostile work environment, retaliation, and failure to prevent harassment in violation of California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act. Other claims include wrongful termination, invasion of privacy, and willful infliction of emotional stress.

In the lawsuit, Armstrong cited Lowe’s Companies Inc., the home improvement retailer based in Mooresville, NC, Lowe’s Homes Centers and Fox as defendants, seeking jury trial and punitive damages, but they did not reveal how much during the interview.

A spokesman for Lowe headquarters has twice previously failed to respond to requests from reporters for comments on the allegations.

According to Armstrong, store managers and company directors shook off “myriad complaints” describing a pervasive culture of sexual harassment in the Vacaville store.

In the lawsuit, she said employees spread rumors that Doe had sex with multiple employees, gave multiple employees a sexually transmitted disease, dated an employee and had a threesome with her and her boyfriend, and “sexually” with another woman was an employee.

“The worst harassment, however, came from employee Mark Fox,” she claimed in the written statement, which, like the formal complaint, contained explicit acts and statements of a sexual nature in the workplace from March 2019 to mid-2020.

Armstrong noted that Fox, then assistant store manager, was making inappropriate comments about sex with a man and told Doe that the size difference between him and another man would be “fun” because Fox was tall. Another man “spins like a top.” “On his penis.

As in the formal complaint, she alleged that Fox later described Doe in detail about his genitals, asked him if he wanted to have sex with a man, asked him to travel to Las Vegas with him, and offered to “choke and stroke” perform. on Doe, an indication of a sexual act involving asphyxiation.

Fox also asked her client if he had ever seen a pink starfish. Doe said no, and Fox asked if he would, slapping his buttocks to indicate he was the “pink starfish”.

Doe repeatedly told Fox that “the behavior and comments were inappropriate and that he was made uncomfortable,” Armstrong said, adding that her client “has filed several complaints with management, but the harassment of Lowe continued unabated.”

In one case, she quoted in the complaint that her client was in the bathroom when he received a text message from Fox, who was working on the same shift. The text contained a photo of Doe’s feet under the toilet cubicle. When Doe left the bathroom and Fox said what he was doing was unacceptable, “Fox told him to shut up or he would ‘go away’ her client”. “

Fox continued to photograph Doe in the bathroom, however, and shared the photos with colleagues, according to Armstrong. Another photo showed Doe standing on the toilet with his legs apart and pants down while using the facilities that revealed his buttocks, scrotum and penis. Another was pulled out from under a toilet while Doe was sitting on the toilet, showing the sides of his buttocks and thighs when his pants were down. Doe complained, also to Vacaville Store Manager Dave Berlin, but Lowe did nothing, as the complaint showed.

In a text message to The Reporter earlier this month, Armstrong wrote: “Because sexual harassment has been so pervasive, we encourage all other victims and witnesses to come forward so that Lowes can be held fully accountable.”