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Firefighter ingesting celebration ends with costs of beatings, fake intercourse assault, court docket data allege | Crime and Courts

Citing interviews with several party guests, the indictments state that after the first firefighter was taken to the hospital, Swistek broke a beer bottle and cut his hand before escaping the house and being brought back by police.

Kaletha, who later spoke to police with a lawyer, said he tried to “neutralize” Swistek when he got out of hand, court records show. When asked if there was a fight between the two men, Kaletha said, “No, he was absolutely the attacker for me.”

Kaletha then told investigators that although he was embarrassed to share something, he later learned that when Swistek went to bed after drinking cocktails to sleep, he walked in, undressed and pretended to be having sex with him, the police said to perform. The incident was reportedly captured on video shared with Kaletha’s wife and other party guests.

“I asked Scott directly if he hit Austin over the video,” said the investigator. “Scott said he didn’t know about the video and didn’t hit him because of the video.”

Another firefighter at the party said he witnessed the alleged false sexual assault, police said.

One partygoer reportedly told police that she had seen “all the fighting” between Kaletha and Swistek.

Kaletha argued he was acting in self-defense when he hit and choked Swistek, police said.