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FFD escorts Santa round city | Democrat Information

Everett and Ramsey Tull visit Santa from a socially safe distance while Santa is escorted around town by the Fredericktown Fire Department.

Victoria Kemper

For years, the Fredericktown Fire Department has brought the spirit of Christmas to your doorstep as staff drag Santa and his sleigh around town to visit with the kids in their homes.

This year it was a little different. Due to COVID-19, children were unable to get on the sled, but that didn’t seem to hinder their excitement.

“We decided to build the sled about five years ago and we make some improvements every year,” said Fire Chief John Clark. “Over the years we’ve added a snow machine and sound system.”

Clark said he hoped this year they could bring joy to those who are stuck inside.

“Hopefully, for those of you who stayed inside during this time, such as the elderly, they’ll get some Christmas cheer,” said Clark. “The ones who pull the blinds to look out and see what the racket is about. We hope it brings some joy to the season.”

Clark said it’s something the entire crew looks forward to every year.

“We love to see the looks on the kids’ faces,” said Clark. “They are of course looking forward to Santa Claus, but they are also looking forward to the fire truck and the fire fighters.”

The kids aren’t the only ones looking forward to the trip around town. Clark said the event was one of the department’s most popular three nights of the year.