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Feds nab 5 males accused of utilizing web to rearrange intercourse with kids | Crime/Courts

The complaint alleges that Long responded to an online ad that also referred to “Littles”.

After allegedly contacting an undercover federal agent, Long allegedly asked what sexual acts the alleged 11-year-old girl Lisa had previously done. They finally decided on a price.

“How much would a donation be,” Long reportedly wrote to the agent.

“$ 50 plus a gift like a flower or a candy,” the agent replied.

They finally agreed to meet on February 12th at a residence on West Ford Street in Herrin.

When Long got out of his car, federal agents met him there to arrest him.

“I was just about to call you,” said the complaint, after which he told the agent.

James Lamansky Jr. was charged with one-time attempted seduction of a minor, according to a fourth federal criminal complaint filed in the southern district of Illinois on February 5. He too allegedly replied to a post on an online forum – the poster claimed to have an 11-year-old niece with whom he allowed others to have sex.

Between January 26 and February 4, the date of his arrest, Lamansky allegedly made plans with an undercover agent to rape the girl at an hourly rate motel near Collinsville. After his arrest, Lamansky allegedly notified agents that he would go to the motel to get the identification number of the man he was talking to to report. He allegedly said he never intended to hurt the girl.