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Extra youngster intercourse abuse fees filed in opposition to Morgan County man, a faux federal agent | Police & Fireplace

MORGAN – A Morgan County man suspected of sexually abusing two children was charged Monday. He showed them explicit videos and posed as a federal agent.

Morgan County Sheriff’s MPs said they began an investigation into Jeffrey Curtis Horrocks after a 7-year-old boy sexually abused a younger girl. The MPs worked to determine where the boy had learned the difficult behavior.

The boy told MPs that he spent time at Horrocks and the man showed him videos of his home security system. One of the videos showed a man and a woman having sex, the boy said.

The boy said they saw more such videos and the affidavit alleged Horrocks sexually touched and sodomized the boy.

Detectives were serving a search warrant at Horrocks on December 7th when he was arrested. The affidavit states that MPs found three video clips of a naked, prepubescent girl on one of Horrocks’ electronic devices.

Horrocks denied the allegations and agreed to take a polygraph test, which he failed, the affidavit read, adding that he then admitted to teaching the boy masturbation techniques.

He was indicted in the 2nd District Court on December 9th for sodomy of a first degree child. four second-degree offenses, including three cases of sexual exploitation of a minor and one case of sexual abuse of a child; and a third-degree offense involving handling of materials harmful to minors.

Further investigations led to the filing of additional charges against Horrocks on Monday for alleged crimes against a 6-year-old girl.

The girl was interviewed at the Ogden Children’s Justice Center and told MPs that Horrocks “all the time” showed her videos of a man and woman having sex.

The girl also said Horrocks allegedly touched her genitals with his hand. He told her not to tell anyone or she would get into trouble, said the girl.

The charges in this case include a number of first-degree offenses that aggravate the sexual abuse of a child and two third-degree offenses that deal with materials harmful to minors.

In the December affidavit, MPs said Horrocks had maintained a community picture of himself as a federal agent that had fake badges and certificates on his walls.

The affidavit states that Horrocks “admitted that it was a facade he invented to make himself feel like a hero”. It also increased his reputation with the boy, the affidavit said.

Horrocks, represented by a public defense attorney, has not pleaded guilty to all charges. He remains in Weber County Jail without bail.