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Excessive-class escort dishes dust on job as she explains why she will be able to’t depart

High class escort Samantha X has explained why she can’t now imagine leaving the industry and returning to a 9-5 job.

Samantha X from Sydney, real name Amanda Goff, is a former journalist.

However, she gave up her 9-5 office job at the age of 37 and can no longer imagine going back there.

The sex worker said she chose to become an escort because she was tired of men abandoning her and being fascinated by the women of the night.

For she wrote: “I’ve devoured all the hooker books and repeatedly seen the secret diary of a London call girl.

Escort Samantha X has explained why she cannot now imagine leaving the job

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“And then I made a decision. A brilliant decision. If a man wanted to waste my time, he could pay for it.”

She said she created the Samantha character who was “a lot sexier and more confident than the normal old me”.

She added, “Samantha didn’t wait for men to call, she created the wait. Samantha had the nails, the breasts, the lingerie, the confidence.

“The real me bites my nails, has very small breasts (pre-boob jobs), never had the right underwear and always had problems with my self-esteem.”

She quit her 9-5 office job at the age of 37

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Despite the money, Samantha admits that there are downsides to being an escort, such as making dating extremely difficult.

She said, “Real relationships in real life are hard work, take time, and all is not rosy. In the world of escorts, you get the best of them and they get the best of you.”

Samantha also said that some men have lived on their money while their clients are paying her thousands to spend time with.

Samantha X poses for a selfie

She admits that giving up the money the escort is bringing in would be a great challenge

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Despite the downsides, she admits that giving up the money the escort brings in would be a major challenge.

She said, “It’s the money and the lifestyle that are hard to give up. Where else can you ask thousands to bring you to dinner?”

The Australian also admitted that she didn’t know if she could deal with a “boss behind her” again in a 9-5 job.

Instead, she said she would like to compromise a committed relationship while she is still Samantha, but she “is still finding out” if she can.

Samantha, who is also a writer, previously made headlines after saying the marriage was “out of date”.

She also says that it doesn’t matter how good the marriage is, many men will still cheat.