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Ex-NFL Participant Kellen Winslow II faces sentencing for a number of rapes, different intercourse crimes in San Diego County

Kellen Winslow II – once the highest-paid tight end in the NFL – could be jailed for more than a decade for multiple rape and other sexual offenses against five women in Southern California, including a woman who was homeless when he attacked her in 2018.

Winslow will appear via videoconference at the hearing in San Diego Superior Court on Wednesday. He has been in custody since 2019 and is expected to be sentenced in March 2020. However, this hearing has been postponed due to court closings due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The 37-year-old son of the San Diego Chargers Hall of Fame recipient Kellen Winslow could face up to 14 years in prison as part of his most recent plea.

One of his accusers is expected to appear remotely and read a statement. Prosecutors are expected to read statements from other victims on their behalf.

Winslow was convicted in June 2019 of rape of a 58-year-old woman who was homeless in his hometown of Encinitas, a beach community north of San Diego.

The jury also convicted him of two offenses – indecent exposure and indecent public conduct – which involved two other women.

However, that jury was unable to agree on other allegations, including the alleged rape of a 54-year-old trailer in 2018 and the rape in 2003 of an unconscious 17-year-old high school senior who went to a party with him when he was 19.

Winslow was due to be tried again in November 2019 in the San Diego County Supreme Court on six crimes including kidnapping, sodomy, forced oral copulation and two rape charges.

But he pleaded guilty just before this trial of raping the teenager was due to begin.

Under the same plea, the attack on the hitchhiker was reduced to sexual battery.

In return for his appeals, the court agreed to sentence him to 12 to 18 years in prison for rape and sexual battery charge and to release the others, saving him the possibility of a life in prison.

However, his lawyers argued over whether the sentences for the crimes totaled 18 years. To prevent the disagreement from returning to court over the disagreement, both sides agreed last month to change the plea for sexual batteries to a plea for attacking the hitchhiker with intent to commit rape. This reduced the potential maximum sentence to 14 years.

Defense lawyers had said the gender was consensual and had attacked the credibility of the five women who took positions at the June 2019 trial, claiming there were inconsistencies in their stories.

They also said he suffered from a traumatic brain injury from playing soccer and a motorcycle accident that ended his career.

Winslow was once a first-round NFL draft pick, playing for the Cleveland Browns, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New England Patriots and New York Jets. He made more than $ 40 million in 10 seasons in the NFL.

His father, a local legend, was in the courtroom throughout the trial.

After confessing guilty in November 2019, Winslow held out an arm to his father, who then touched his heart with a fist before his son left the courtroom.

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