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Ex-escort with two vaginas says she used one for work and the opposite for love

A previous escort discovered she had a rare abnormality, meaning that she was born with two vaginas, a cervix and a uterus – and she uses them to separate her sex work from her romantic life.

Evelyn Miller found out that she had uterine Didelphys when she was 20 years old.

She often uses two tampons because she has periods at the same time – and she needs two swab and sexual health tests.

The 30-year-old worked in the sex industry for eight years and said her extra vagina was “handy” for perseverance and to separate work from her personal life.

Evelyn from Gold Coast, Australia said, “It’s normal for me and I never thought it was so fascinating, but apparently it is very fascinating.”

Evelyn was an escort for eight years

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She continued, “I don’t think many people can tell they use one vagina for work and one for personal life. It was helpful at work to be able to have a completely different vagina.

“It was handy for persistence – if I had a lot of bookings and was uncomfortable with one, I could just use the other.

“Escorted relationships are difficult to be in a relationship for all sorts of reasons, and most importantly, you don’t want your home sex life to be compromised – it really enabled me to achieve that breakup.

“When I got into a relationship, I was better off breaking up the two.”

Evelyn claims that her condition “amazes” clients and that a gynecologist once turned her session into a medical exam.

Evelyn is pregnant in her right uterus

Evelyn said, “Some customers I will tell and they won’t believe me at first until I show them and then they are completely amazed.

“They ask you to try it out, look at it and stick your fingers in it.

“One client thought I had sex reassignment wrong, which was a bit offensive – he was a little scared of it.

“I have a million questions – there are already so many questions about sex work that together they create a lot more intrigue.”

Evelyn claims that her uterus is half the size and shape of a normal one, and was told that she may have difficulty conceiving.

But she is now six months pregnant and has a baby boy in her right uterus.

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She explained, “It was really daunting not knowing if I could have children and that being pregnant is a pretty high risk.

“I actually got four pregnant – we filmed with two of my friends and my partner.

“I texted them the day I found out and they think they are good luck charms.”

She added, “I was told I could get pregnant on either side at the same time or three weeks apart. It takes about three weeks for your body to register that you are pregnant in a womb.

“I could have babies in anyone, but they wouldn’t be the same age.”

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The advertising business owner claims her condition boosted her OnlyFans to 1,700 new subscribers.

Evelyn said, “A lot of people just want to see it on fans because it’s weird – them [subscribers] I can’t believe it – they say they had to sign up to take a look, it’s crazy.

“People want novelty and something different.

“I don’t think anyone has ever done porn with two vaginas.”