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Escort web site helps police establish suspect: Middleburg Heights Police Blotter


Receipt of a stolen car: Engle Road

An officer was patrolling the Motel 6 parking lot at 7:36 am on April 20 when he saw a car again in the parking lot. The car had no front license plate.

He walked over to the car and noticed the back panel which later revealed that it belonged to another car. Then he found it had been reported stolen.

He saw a woman leave the room where the car was parked and go to the nearby Red Roof Inn. The officer went to Motel 6 and watched a video of the same woman who had previously parked and got out of the car to enter the room she had just left.

The police searched the area but did not find the suspect. The car was towed after the license plate was removed.

An officer spoke to a man who had rented this room. He said he only knew the suspect by her first name and gave him her phone number. The officer researched online and found the suspect’s photo and phone number on an adult escort website. Your last name was not listed. The phone number matched that of the man who rented the room.

The officer spoke to the woman by phone. She didn’t want to talk to him about the car she’d driven to the motel.

He then spoke to various detectives about the woman. They gave him the possible surname of the woman for identification. He learned that she had a suspended driver’s license.

The court will send her warrant documents showing that she is cited for driving under suspension and for the fictional signs.

Warrant: Engle Road

An officer went to Motel 6 at 3:54 am on April 19 because a man was hiding behind a tree and was acting suspiciously. The front desk clerk said he stood there for about three or four hours.

The officer found the man next to the tree and spoke to him. The man said he was waiting for a ride and was not allowed to enter the motel.

The man had an arrest warrant from the Lorain County Sheriff’s office. He was arrested and handed over to Lorain County officials at the RTA station on Great Northern Boulevard.

Fraud: Pearl Road

A Get Air Trampoline benefactor went to the police station in late April about a credit card complaint. He said he was in the trampoline shop with his kids and stole his bank card on a set of massage chairs. Then he put the card in his compartment and sat on the chair.

About an hour later he went to the Cubby to get his card. It was gone. Nobody gave the card to the front desk.

A short time later, he received two text messages from a bank app. It showed a $ 90 purchase on that card at a Clark Avenue gas station in Cleveland. A second purchase was at the Steelyard Walmart in Cleveland for $ 214. The total was $ 304 that was charged to his card.

The victim was unable to view any security material at the time. The officer watched the video two days later. It didn’t show anyone reaching into the victim’s room. The facility suggested the victim might have lost the card in the foam pit. The detective agency is investigating.

Fault: Pearl Road

Police arrived at Get Air Tampoline on April 23 at 9:49 p.m. because of a disturbance. One girl said she was outside looking for a friend’s lost cell phone when a man approached her. She said the man was inches from her face and was screaming profanity.

She didn’t know the man who said, “I’m going to kill you.”

She then ran into the building and called the police.

The suspect was dressed in black and his blonde hair was combed back. He was about 5 feet 8 inches tall. The girl informed the officer of the man’s possible first name.

The girl called her mother, with whom the officer spoke. The mother did not want to file a charge, but wanted to file a report on the incident.

Theft: Rosbough Drive

Police went to the Sonesta Hotel at 3:04 a.m. on April 24 after a man said someone stole items from the back of his truck while he was sleeping.

A security officer detained the officer. He said during his usual patrol at the hotel that he had seen nothing out of the ordinary. However, at 2:20 a.m., he had noticed several objects scattered around the site and a man about 10 to 20 feet away on his phone.

He gave the officer the description of the man, including the spiked hair. The man was holding several items when he got into a car with a burnt out taillight. The security guard got the license plate.

The man drove to the nearby Comfort Inn. The security guard then saw the man behind the hotel reception.

The guard contacted the victim about the theft. The victim and his son found several items missing. The officer went to the Comfort Inn and saw the car in the parking lot. It contained shopping boxes of tools. The victim had the same color carrier bags.

The officer and victim went to the Comfort Inn. At that point, the victim said the boxes and tools in that car were his.

The officer saw an employee of the Comfort Inn hotel watching from the front door. The officer dropped the victim and his son at their motel. Then he went to the Comfort Inn and the car that had the boxes. The tools that were in the boxes were gone now.

The owner of the car worked at the reception. He stepped outside and spoke to the police, who asked him how stolen property got into his car. He said he loaned his car to a friend he does business with. He couldn’t provide any more information about him.

He said the man took his car to buy cigarettes and returned 30 minutes later and went home. He said there were no tools in the boxes, just garbage. He couldn’t explain why the stolen shopping boxes were in his car.

A witness identified the thief as an employee of the Comfort Inn but said he was now wearing different clothing. The stolen boxes were returned to their owner. The court will send the suspect a summons to plead theft.

Arrest warrant: Pearl Road

Police went to Value World at 1:53 pm on April 24 to read a report about a couple who passed out in a car in the parking lot. The caller couldn’t wake them up.

An officer checked the car’s temporary tags and learned that the owner had an active warrant with the Cleveland Police Department. The man met the suspect’s physical description.

The driver woke up when the officer approached the car. He gave the officer his driver’s license. The name matched the owner of the car. He was arrested on the arrest warrant.

The passenger woke up. She was identified and did not have a driver’s license. She was asked to contact a valid driver to remove the car. She was released at the scene.

Theft: Pearl Road

An officer went to the air trampoline at 1:21 pm on April 25 because of a stolen cell phone.

One man said his daughter left her belongings in a storage room in front of the reception. He notified management that someone had stolen the phone and checked the security video for possible suspects.

The manager told the officer that there was video footage showing the theft. The suspect had paced up and down the storage shelves. She stopped in front of hers, grabbed her son’s jacket and put it on him. Then she reached to a shelf that didn’t hold her belongings, grabbed a black cell phone, and put it in her back pocket. She then left the facility.

The officer obtained information about the woman and called her. She admitted using the phone without permission. She said she sold it for $ 40 in a store on the west side of Cleveland.

The officer went to the store and got him back. The officer then called the victim’s father and told him he could pick up the phone at the police station. The father said he did not want to bring charges.

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