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Escort Steel Polishers Launches New Web site Showcasing Vast Vary Of Steel Sharpening Providers

Escort Steel Polishers Launches New Web site Showcasing Vast Vary Of Steel Sharpening Providers

Escort Metal Polishers launches new website with a wide range of metal polishing services for the automotive, marine, household and retail sectors

Escort Metal Polishers has launched a new website providing information on metal polishing solutions for homes, businesses, record bats, churches and boats.

Founded in 1973, Escort Metal Polishers is a single point of contact for all of the metal finishing needs of boat owners, panel bats, homeowners, business owners and mechanics in Christchurch and the entire Canterbury area. Fred and his team of metal polishers have the experience, knowledge and tools to provide expert metal restoration solutions. Legacy, trust and flexibility are three reasons it remains the top metal polishing company of choice in Christchurch.

The website focuses on three main areas: commercial metal polishing; Polishing of automotive and marine metals; and household metal polishing.


Escort Metal Polishers has a team of experienced metal polishers for business premises. From signage, handrails, shop fittings, no job is too big or too small. Bring all metalwork to the workshop and learn about the process of commercial metal blasting by the experts.

Automotive & Marine

The classic car or bicycle deserves a perfect finish. Escort Metal Polishers offers high quality restoration work for classic cars, bicycles and boats. The team works with panel bats and auto restorers to prepare the metal parts for repainting and plating through to sandblasting and polishing.


Antiques and other metals at home or in business premises that need polishing are welcome at Escort Metal Polishers. The household metal polishing services provide protective and long-lasting shine for all household and commercial metal items. From faucets in bathrooms, shops and commercial furniture to high quality metals like copper scuff and brass from churches, the team handles these carefully.

Escort Metal Polishers is based in Sydenham and works with clients in and around Christchurch

For more information on metal polishing solutions from Escort Metal Polishers, please visit

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