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Escort racket that duped over 300 individuals in Chennai and Chandigarh busted by Udaipur cops

The defendants were identified as Manilal Velgi, Manilal Manji, Jitendra and Harish (representative picture). | Photo credit: iStock Images

Key highlights

  • A gang of escorts allegedly attacked up to 300 people in Chennai and Chandigarh
  • The gang previously operated out of Udaipur, Rajasthan

Udaipur: A gang of escorts allegedly targeting people in Chennai and Chandigarh was blown up by police in Udaipur. The defendant allegedly targeted up to 30 people while operating the bat from Salumbar Tehsil. All of the defendants are from the Dungarpur district.

The defendants were all early school leavers. The defendant learned to defraud people from Hyderabad and used the listing of advertisements in the city to target them. The defendants received payments on their e-wallet accounts.

The defendants have been identified as Manilal Velgi, Manilal Manji, Jitendra and Harish. The police arrested the defendant after receiving a lead. The police were told that a group of youth in Salumbar were wasting money, which raised suspicions among people living in the area.

Rs 5 lakh worth of cash recovered from raid

Police then raised the place where the defendants lived and retrieved several cell phones, counterfeit SIM cards, laptops and Rs 5 lakh worth of cash. At first, the police suspected that the young people were running a racket. However, an investigation found that the defendants had been escorting an escort for the past 15 days.

The defendant uploaded advertisements to the Locanto mobile application to provide escort services. People who clicked on the ad were directed to a page that had photos of women blurred, The Times of India reported. A popup appeared in front of the goals asking them to pay Rs 500. Once the payment was made, a picture gallery was opened and the destinations were asked to choose the women they liked. The defendant then asked the target audience to pay 5,000 rupees to confirm their interest in the service.

Mukesh Choudhary, a cybercrime expert who helped the police, said: “We confirm how many inbound transactions have been made on their e-wallets to determine the exact number of people they have defrauded, and their WhatsApp chats are checked to find out if the bat has spread to more cities. “