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Escort From Wild Night time Tells All!

“According to the document,” GQ reported, “an incapacitated Gillum was found by police in a Miami Beach hotel room with a male sex worker, Baggies, whom police suspected of containing crystal meth and other narcotics, and a third Man who did this. ” called 911. “

“What I read in this report is one tryst, three people, this, that, and the third, and all of these are things I can’t remember. I’ve never met that third person, ”Gillum claimed, telling GQ he never knowingly did any drugs that night. “So at this point I think this is set up.”

Gillum, who worked on the interview with the magazine, declined to have a scheduled follow-up interview with the author of the article after finding out that Dyson also spoke to the magazine and told his side of the story for the first time.