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Escort authority suspended at Joint Base Andrews | Navy

Due to the suspension of the Trusted Traveler program, the entire escort authority for access to the installation at Joint Base Andrews will be suspended indefinitely.

As a result of this policy change, all unofficial – personal – JBA guests who do not have an authorized Basic Access Proof, have issued a passport for the Defense Biometric Identification System, or are on the official Basic Access List, must apply to the VCC for identity proofing, background checking, and passport issuance with their sponsor.

The Visitor Control Center will temporarily change its opening hours to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The VCC is closed for disinfection: 0500 – 0530; 1200-1230; 1800-1830; 2200 – 2230. COVID-19 Restrictions: Proper wearing of the mask / face covering is mandatory. After registering at the Visitor Control Center, visitors must be ready until they are contacted by phone or in person in order to participate.

Social distancing is maintained at all times inside and outside the facility.