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Energy-Drunk Rear Admiral, Escorts Brutalise Lawyer, Policeman For Trying To Overtake Them In Abuja

Energy-Drunk Rear Admiral, Escorts Brutalise Lawyer, Policeman For Trying To Overtake Them In Abuja

A top Nigerian Navy officer, Rear Admiral Ibrahim Dewu, and his four security aides threw caution to the wind by beating and brutalizing a lawyer, Hadi Jazuli, and his brother, Suleiman, a police officer, along the Kubwa-Zuba Expressway in Abuja, the federal capital.

SaharaReporters learned that Rear Admiral Dewu ordered the torture of the two men for overtaking his convoy as they drove into the entrance gate of the Galadima Estate along the Abuja expressway.

The two victims were found to have been punched in the chest and face with guns by Dewu’s escorts, injuring them.

Eyewitnesses told SaharaReporters that after physically assaulting the Jazuli siblings, the power-drunk naval officer and his gang of escorts refused to go to a nearby police station, where the attack was reported.

A witness, Adamu, said: “The incident occurred on Monday at the entrance gate of the Galadima Estate in Abuja. Hadi, a lawyer, returned to Abuja with his family from Kano State, where he had spent the weekend.

“His brother Suleiman drove another car, but they moved into the property together. The problem started when the two cars tried to overtake the Rear Admiral’s convoy – a sport utility vehicle and a Toyota Hilux van – because they were moving too slowly.

“Before anyone knew what was going on, the soldiers got out like in front, pulled the two men out of their cars and started beating them up.”

It was learned that the four naval personnel at the entrance to the Galadima housing estate pounced on the lawyer and the police officer and brutalized them while passers-by watched helplessly.
“The police were made aware of the dispute and they invited us to the police station. Although Admiral Dewu and his boys pretended to go to the police station, they zoomed away. So it was only the victims who followed the police to write our statement.

“The victims have instructed their lawyers to also file a civil lawsuit against the officer and his boys for enforcing fundamental rights that have been ruthlessly abused,” said another source, privy to the incident.

SaharaReporters learned that Dewu had paid some friends and news reporters to handle the incident and wrote that the two men were the ones who rammed his vehicle.

“We hope the Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Awwal Gambo, investigates this public ridicule of one of his top officers and prevents it from being repeated,” the source added.