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EC suspends armed escort officer after EVM present in BJP candidate’s automotive

April 02, 2021 10:50 PM IS

New Delhi [India], April 2 (ANI): The Electoral Commission (EC) suspended an armed escort officer on Friday after a video surfaced on social media allegedly showing that after the second round of voting in Assam, Patharkandi constituency, an EVM in the car of one BJP candidate was found.
The European Commission has suspended the official for leaving the stranded electoral party behind and failing to ensure their safe arrival at their destination.
“Upon the reception of the Special Observer-General in Assam, armed escort officer Luhit Gohain, sub-inspector of the police (armed officer) of the 3rd Assam Police Battalion, was suspended,” said the EC-appointed Special Observer-General in an official statement.
“There does not seem to be any reason to change the RO as this appears to be an isolated incident due to the chairman’s negligence and stupidity. To ensure credibility, it is appropriate to order a repoll in PS No 149 Indira MV School by LAC 1, Ratabari, “it said.

The EC had previously suspended the chairman and three other officials on the matter.
As an additional precaution, the electoral committee decided to conduct another survey at Indira MV School No. 149 of LAC 1 Ratabari (SC).
According to sources, an FIR was filed against unknown persons after they attacked a car that allegedly belonged to a BJP candidate and was wearing a polled electronic voting machine.
The second phase of the gathering’s polls took place on Thursday in 39 constituencies in 13 districts of Assam. In the second phase, voter turnout was 74.76 percent.
The vote for the third and final phase will take place on April 6th and the counting of votes will take place on May 2nd. (ANI)