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Eamonn Holmes escorts presenter Lucy Alexander residence after her boozy day trip with Ruth | Superstar Information | Showbiz & TV

Homes Under The Hammer star Lucy Alexander called a “Holmes Taxi”. The 51-year-old presenter told fans that This Morning presenter Eamonn Holmes often drove her home when out with his wife and co-star Ruth Langsford.

In view of her 49,200 followers, Lucy documented her day and her journey home on Instagram.

You could see her taking advantage of the sunshine in her boyfriend’s convertible.

“Can’t knock the elevator, Holme …”, she recorded the couple’s footage.

“@Eamonnholmes just love you shhh don’t tell @ruthlangsford,” she added.

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At the event, Lucy, beautifully dressed in a floral dress and a pretty pink jacket, could be seen sipping a glass of champagne and eating lavish cakes and scones.

She later revealed her “crush”, who was also present at the meeting.

While documenting the event on social media, the mother of two filmed with Laura Hamilton of A Place In The Sun.

“I’ll quickly show you my crush who are sitting next to me. Look who it is It’s laura. This is my crush, ”she said.

The Channel 4 star almost didn’t make it to the event.

She went on her own social media account earlier in the day in the face of her 129,000 followers to reveal that she had reacted to her second Covid vaccination.

The 39-year-old has ITP (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura), a condition that easily leads to bruising and bleeding at the hospital.