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Dying of escort outrider, Bello meets household, provides scholarships

Dying of escort outrider, Bello meets household, provides scholarships

From Soni Daniel

Inspector Aminu Salihu, an escort outrider who died in a traffic accident while on duty on Monday the 15th, was affected by the death of the police officer. Yahaya Bello, governor of Kogi state, met with the late Outrider’s family on Saturday.

The governor described the death of Aminu in an emotionally charged voice as a great personal loss, not only for his family and friends, but also for the nation.

“Inspector Amin’s death came when the nation needed him most. He was a gentleman, hardworking and highly professional. He brought finesse and dexterity to the police. This is a great personal loss for me and the whole country. “, He said.

While Governor Bello expressed his condolences to the deceased two wives, five children and the mother in Abuja, he donated money to the family. He promised to deliver two houses to the family in the Kubwa area where they live and scholarships for the children who were left behind, Inspector Aminu.

In response, the deceased’s elderly wife, Martha Ode Aminu, thanked the governor for identifying her and standing by her side in their grieving moments. Ms. Aminu, full of emotion, announced that her late husband had always referred to the governor as his source of light, noting that the governor proved it to them in their difficult moment.

“Thank you, Your Excellency. Our late husband has told us several times that you are the source of his light. That you were his hope and that we should keep praying for you. Your Excellency, you showed what my late husband told us about you this morning. Thank you for lightening our mood. I pray that God will grant you everything you are looking for in this life. No obstacle can stand to deprive you of your heart’s desires. We are very grateful to Your Excellency and God Almighty will reward you. “

The late Inspector Aminu Salifu was the nation’s best and most famous outsider for many years until his death.