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Duck Household Roaming NYC Streets Get Escort to Central Park – NBC New York

A family of ducks was in danger on Sunday afternoon when they were too far from home.

About a dozen ducklings and their mother had waddled to the Upper East Side and past Lexington Avenue before finally being stopped.

An NYPD official was able to shovel the ducklings and carry them the various blocks back to Central Park safety.

A video posted on Twitter by @BirdCentralPark documented the harrowing return trip.

@ NYPD19Pct officials rescued a family of a dozen ducklings this morning that had wandered past Lexington Avenue. They put the ducklings in a porter and mother heard their looks and followed them back to Central Park, at Conservatory Water!

– Manhattan Bird Alert (@BirdCentralPark) May 9, 2021

The mother duck wasn’t far behind. They said she could follow the officer and her ducklings by listening to the sounds of their eyes.

The family’s Mother’s Day adventure happily ended when they were reunited in the park.