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Did Police Safely Escort Boulder Retailer Shooter to Ambulance? New Video Fuels Racism Debate

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At least 10 people and one police officer were killed in mass shooting at a grocery store in Boulder, Colorado. Police confirmed that the suspect was in custody, but did not provide any further details about the shooter or the victims.

The harrowing incident occurred on Monday just before 3 p.m. in the King Soopers store on Table Mesa Drive. Investigations are currently underway into the motive for the mass shooting.

A maskless man accompanied by officers in handcuffs.

While the whole country is in shock and appalled by the devastating attack, videos posted on Twitter show police officers safely escorting the shooter, a blood-soaked white man seen shirtless and in black shorts, before he drives off in an ambulance becomes.

The helicopter television footage shows blood running down the gunner’s leg as he is handcuffed by the police who eventually escort him safely to the ambulance.

Since the video hit social media, people have beaten the police for their hypocrisy, saying that if the suspect was a black man, Muslim or person of color, he or she would have been treated differently. either laid on the ground and pulled in the direction of the van, or shot immediately.

Several users called the police “racists” for dealing with suspects in two different ways, and only treating white men gently for their heinous crimes.

A Twitter user wrote: “The suspect was gently led to the ambulance. Not something one would expect if it was black, brown, or Muslim while the other was writing: The gunman in Boulder was safely brought to the car after killing several people AND shooting at the police while black people were by the Police were murdered for literally only present. F ** k cops and f ** k this country. ”

Another user pointed out that the police are able to arrest a suspect without shooting them, but only use them when the suspect is white. “ The Boulder Gunner’s concern, even after killing a fellow officer, made me think of George Floyd and the trail of dead black life for almost nothing. They always manage to arrest, not kill, white shooters. They know how to arrest people without killing them. ”

During a press conference, police did not confirm the number of causalities that lost their lives in the tragic incident, saying they will not confirm this until their family members are notified. Boulder Police Department commander Kerry Yamaguchi also told the public and the media at the press conference that they respect the privacy of deceased family members.

“ We had a very tragic incident here at the King Soopers today. During this difficult time, I would ask the media and the public to respect the privacy of the officer’s family and his staff here at the police station, ”he said.