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Decide slams lawyer in underage intercourse case who tried responsible sufferer, Courts & Crime Information & Prime Tales

SINGAPORE – A former college student who had sex with a 13 year old girl after assaulting her while watching Fifty Shades of Gray increased his sentence and the court beat up his ex-attorney for trying to blame the victim.

The Nanyang Technological University student forced the teenager to engage in sexual acts after watching the adult film in his hostel room, sending her lewd photos of herself, and pressuring her to return the favor.

However, when he was tried in 2018, his attorney at the time, Mr. S. Radakrishnan, made an “obvious and apologetic attempt” to blame the victim, alluding to her alleged promiscuity and family background.

On Monday (January 25), Supreme Court Justice Aedit Abdullah sentenced the lawyer on appeal and increased the perpetrator’s two-year prison term by an additional nine months.

In his 51-page judgment, the judge devoted an entire section of around five pages to criticizing Mr. Radakrishnan’s behavior.

“The allegations made essentially blamed the victim, alluded to her alleged promiscuity and bad reputation, and was the initiator of the intimacy,” he said.

“I just cannot understand how such allegations could be made on the direction of a court official … Mr. Radakrishnan’s remarks were an obvious and non-apologetic attempt to impose responsibility and guilt on the victim.”

Justice Aedit noted that the lawyer also showed photos of the victim in what appeared to be an attempt to show her sexual maturity.

“According to Mr. Radakrishnan’s reports, it sounded like it was the victim who was sexually predatory and misled the defendant. I am appalled: the defendant was the adult in the situation,” he said.

“I hope that no such filings will be seen in our courts in the future.”

Mr. Radakrishnan was removed from the case when he was sent on appeal, and Mr. Anand George represented the defendant.

The now 25-year-old accused met the victim while both volunteering at an elementary school in 2017, committing sexual acts in his home and hostel. He later started working as an assistant teacher at the girl’s school, and she told her class teacher who told her parents.

When confronted by the department head and school principal, he first denied the allegations and deleted their chat logs and photos.

He pleaded guilty in state courts last year to three charges of sexual penetration against a minor under the age of 14. Eight similar charges were considered when he was jailed for two years by District Judge John Ng.

The public prosecutor’s office, which originally requested a 33-month prison sentence, appealed the verdict. The defendant also appealed and asked for parole in lieu of prison.

Justice Aedit dismissed the man’s appeal but consented to the charges and sentenced him to 33 months in prison.

The sentence has been postponed and the perpetrator is expected to serve his sentence on February 22nd. The court was told that he has since completed his university course with grades that would allow him to graduate with honors third grade but that NTU withheld his certificate temporarily.

For each sexual penetration of a minor under the age of 14, he could have been imprisoned for up to 20 years and fined and flogged.