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Decide says sealed information in intercourse trafficking case make jury pool neutral; trial date set | State and Regional Information

BEAVER CITY – An Oxford man on an ongoing sex trafficking case in Furnas County has been denied relocation for his upcoming trial.

Judge David Urbom denied and overturned William J. Quinn’s amended motion to change the jurisdiction of the June 14 trial.

William J. Quinn

William J. Quinn

57-year-old Quinn from Oxford faces five cases of sexual assault of a first degree child, two cases of trafficking in children, three cases of making-visual representation of sexually explicit behavior and two cases of possession-visual representation of sexual behavior versus explicit behavior, two Cases of enticement from electronic communication devices and one case of child abuse.

He pleaded not guilty on all 15 counts in September.

In April, Quinn appeared in the Furnas District Court with his attorney, Joseph L. Howard, of Omaha. Howard argued that the amount of pre-trial “ubiquitous and adverse” advertising and media coverage would not allow Quinn to get a fair trial, and Furnas County’s small population would make it difficult to set an impartial jury.

Howard submitted 22 pieces of evidence to support his argument. Quinn’s legal team hired an independent firm to search for his name in television, radio, and internet posts from January 1, 2020 through February 4, 2021. The search resulted in the number of unique visitors and page views of the postings.