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Cuomo to endure ‘full and thorough’ evaluate after stunning new intercourse harassment declare reported

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After another former aide to Governor Andrew Cuomo publicly accused him of sexually molesting her in a New York Times bombing report on Saturday night, the governor agreed to allow an independent review of his actions.

Christine Bennett, who previously served as executive assistant and health policy advisor during the COVID-19 pandemic, told the Times that Cuomo had previously asked about her sex life on multiple occasions, including during a one-on-one interview with him last June.

Bennett, a sexual assault survivor, told the Times that questioning Cuomo made her “uncomfortable and anxious,” and she interpreted his actions as a desire to have a sexual relationship with her. The governor never touched her, she noticed.

In a statement early Saturday night, shortly after the Times story was posted on their website, Cuomo denied the allegations but recognized Bennett’s right to speak.

“When she came to me and found out about being a sexual assault survivor and how it shaped her and her ongoing efforts to create an organization that would empower her voice to help other survivors, I tried to be supportive and helpful he said in a statement. “MS. Bennett’s first impression was correct: I was trying to mentor her. I have not made any progress with Ms. Bennett, nor have I ever intended to act in an inappropriate manner. The last thing I would have ever wanted , was to make her feel one of the things that is being reported.

The governor also ordered a “full and thorough review of the allegations” from Bennett and former Cuomo adviser Lindsey Boylan, who set out their claims earlier this week that the governor had sexually molested them.

Cuomo said he will instruct all state employees to comply with the independent review – which, according to Special Counsel and Senior Advisor to Governor Beth Garvey, would be led by Barbara Jones, a former federal judge.

Since the report was released on Saturday night, two New York lawmakers in the legislature – Bronx / Westchester Senator Alessandra Biaggi and Manhattan MP Yuh-Line Niou – have called for Cuomo’s immediate resignation on Twitter.

@ NYGovCuomo, you are a monster and it is time for you to go. Now.

– Alessandra Biaggi (@ Biaggi4NY), February 27, 2021

They show @NYGovCuomo.

Our governor is a manipulative, controlling, abusive, power-obsessed predator.

Please resign.

– Yuh-Line Niou (@yuhline) February 27, 2021

Garvey also responded to a note in the Times report that Bennett had notified Jill DesRosiers, Cuomo’s chief of staff, of the interaction shortly after she joined. Bennett was later moved to another office. She also said she gave a statement on the incident to Judith Mogul, a special adviser to the governor, but did not insist on an investigation to pursue the incident.

Ms. Bennett’s concerns were treated with sensitivity and respect and in accordance with applicable laws and guidelines, ”Garvey said in a statement on Saturday evening. “The matter was immediately referred to a special adviser. Ms. Bennett received her requested transfer to a position in which she had shown a longstanding interest and was thoroughly informed of the facts, which did not include the right to physical contact or inappropriate sexual behavior. She was consulted on the resolution and expressed satisfaction and appreciation for the way in which it was handled. “

Garvey said that decision was made “based on the information MS Bennett determined that no further action was required that was Ms. Bennett’s request. “

Jones is currently a senior partner with the Bracewell law firm. Previously, according to her biography, she spent 16 years with the Federal Bank in the southern borough of New York handling a number of cases including accounting and securities fraud, antitrust law, fraud and corruption related to city contracts and federal loan programs. Industrial action and terrorism. “

In addition, Jones chaired the Adult Sexual Assault Response Systems Committee, which investigated, followed up, and assessed cases of sexual assault within the military. The panel also submitted a thorough report to Congress in June 2014, which included 132 policy recommendations to the Department of Defense.