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Corona man arrested, suspected of illegal intercourse acts with minor – Press Enterprise

A Coronavirus man allegedly confronted in 2018 by a group investigating suspected sexual predators was arrested last week on suspicion of unlawful sexual activity with a minor, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department said.

Steven Rawley, 35, was arrested on February 2 for suspected of contacting a minor with the intent to commit kidnapping or sexual offenses and arranging a meeting with a minor for a sexual offense and unlawful sexual intercourse To commit minors who are older than 3 years offender.

On December 23, the Riverside County Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force received a referral from the Hemet Police Department regarding possible sex trafficking in minors. Investigators found that the minor was sexually exploited for money through social media and the internet.

Rawley was identified as one of the men who had sexual contact with the minor, the sheriff’s department said.

Investigators also found a YouTube video posted on February 19, 2019 by Arizona Predator Prevention, a citizen monitoring group, about a December 2018 incident in Mohave County, Arizona. In the video, Rawley allegedly contacted an online undercover account set up by the group.

The undercover account posing as a fake 15 year old girl and Rawley allegedly suggested the undercover account for sexual activity, and although Rawley has been informed several times that “she” is 15 years old, Rawley has a meeting for Sex agreed, the sheriff’s department reported. The video shows citizens confronting Rawley with online conversations in a parking lot.

On February 2, the Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force issued a search warrant for Rawley’s home and vehicle. The search warrant resulted in the confiscation of numerous electronic devices and the arrest of Rawley, the sheriff’s department said.

The task force has reason to believe there are more victims in Riverside County and Mohave County, Arizona, the sheriff’s department said.

The task force is asking anyone with additional information to contact Deputy Mario Chavez at 951-422-1141 or 951-955-1700 and reference incident # R203250003.