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Cops taken 13 miles away from duties to escort drunken teenager house close to Grantham

Cops taken 13 miles away from duties to escort drunken teenager house close to Grantham

Police condemned antisocial behavior among teenagers after a drunk 16-year-old boy was dragged to Corby Glen by officials after a rally in Stamford.

The teenager was among 100 young people who gathered in the Meadows in Stamford town center on Friday and Saturday nights.

According to the police, those gathered drank alcohol and the vast majority were between 15 and 17 years old.

The meadows at Stamford. (46425423)

Officials had to take the 16-year-old boy home because he was drunk and forced her to make a 13-mile journey from her duties.

Lincolnshire Police now say there will be additional patrols on bank holidays over the weekend to crack down on anti-social behavior.

A scatter arrangement is in place during the bank holiday. This enables the police to get someone to leave an area if they are acting antisocial. If that person does not comply, they can be arrested.

Stamford also has the Public Space Ordinance in place, which allows officials to seize alcohol from anyone engaged in anti-social behavior in Stamford town center, including the Meadows.

Inspector Gary Stewart says, “These incidents are totally unacceptable. We shouldn’t have to play the role of parents by making sure teenagers are behaving, getting drunk on the street, or breaking the rules for group meetings.

“We cannot knock on doors to bring your children home drunk, and when we do and have to disperse large anti-social groups, we will be taken away by those who really need our help.

“Parents need to ask their children where they are going this weekend and make sure they are not consuming alcohol.”

Incidents of anti-social behavior can be reported to the police on 101.