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Convicted intercourse offender causes concern in Arnold neighborhood | ‘Frightened of him being round’ | Information four Investigates

JEFFERSON COUNTY, MO ( – A convicted sex offender is not welcome in any Jefferson County neighborhood.

Residents hoped that a St. Louis County judge would revoke Korey Kranefuss’s bond after a RING doorbell camera detected a possible bond violation. “To be honest, I’m just scared that he’s there,” said Morgan Pisoni, who lives across from Kranefuss.

Kranefuss is a former police officer who was convicted in 2007 of molesting a boy under the age of 10. Pisoni has a son who is about the same age as Kranefuss’s victim. “I’m scared of keeping my kids out,” she said, “they can’t play chalk. It’s just an overwhelmingly uncomfortable feeling.”

At the end of 2020, Pisoni’s RING doorbell recorded a video of a boy who was accompanied by two adults who had nothing to do with Kranefuss and who left the house in which Kranefuss lives. Kranefuss is not allowed to be with minors. The video was turned over to police, and the St. Louis County Attorney argued in court that Kranefuss should have his loan revoked.

Witnesses testified that Kranefuss did not contact the unrelated child, but the prosecutor argued that Kranefuss should have told the child and his mother to leave the house. The judge called it a move by Kranefuss, but did not revoke his bond.

The Kreutzman family also live in the same block. They said they believed Kranefuss was trying to intimidate neighbors. It is said that large eyeballs were plastered in Kranefuss’ garage, along with other signs that read: “Love your neighbor as yourself” and “Leave me alone”.

The Kreutzmans put up their own sign saying “Keep pedophiles off our streets”.

The Pisoni have put up a sign that says “Neighborhood watch – we’re watching you”.

Disputes between neighbors and registered sex offenders involve Vicki Henry, President of (WAR) Women Against Registry. She said her organization is in favor of getting rid of the sex offender registry. Henry believes that once criminals return to society, they can spend their time and then live in peace.

“You know my advice is to get to know this person,” said Henry. “None of us are defined by our worst moment. None of us.” Henry has a family member who is on the registry who does not believe there is any benefit to the registry. “I would say you have a right to know, but it doesn’t help you,” she said.

On Kranefuss’ block, the neighbors News 4 spoke to are grateful for the registration and the information it contains. Kranefuss is currently charged with two sodomy-related offenses in a person under the age of 14

Pisoni said she was so upset with the situation that she initially considered changing her life. “I was about to throw up. I immediately contacted a broker and told them I was moving,” she said.

At the moment the neighbors are saying that they will wait and see what happens at Kranefuss’ trial. The St. Louis County Attorney’s Office released a statement stating, “As we have told the court, we believe that Mr. Kranefuss poses a threat to the community because of his past beliefs and current loan term violations. While we are making the decision respect the court We oppose the revocation of his loan. “

A Kranefuss attorney told News 4 that Kranefuss is not pleading guilty to the current charges and is denying the evidence. The attorney also said Kranefuss was looking forward to clearing his name in court. A negotiation date is currently not planned.

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