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Chesterfield man admits to paying 17-year-old woman for intercourse

Court documents said Rodgers, who was on parole for a previous sex crime, used an alias to keep the girl from finding him on the sex offender register

CHESTERFIELD, MO. – A St. Louis County man pleaded guilty to sexually trafficking a child over a suspended incident involving a previous sex crime.

Jeremy Rodgers, 45, pleaded guilty to an incident in 2019.

According to court records, Rodgers started talking to a 17-year-old girl on Snapchat. During their conversations, the girl told Rodgers how old she was and that she would turn 18 in August 2019.

Rodgers said that was “close enough” and asked the girl to send him nudes, but she refused. The court documents said he offered to pay her $ 200 in exchange for sex.

She agreed and Rodgers told her to sneak out of her parents’ house and he would pick her up. Then he drove her to his Chesterfield apartment where they had sex. Rodgers gave the girl $ 200 and drove her back to her parents’ house.

Court documents said Rodgers used an alias so the girl couldn’t find him on the Missouri Sex Offender Register. He pleaded guilty to attempting to sexually exploit a minor in Boone County in 2018.

Police arrested Rodgers after taking control of the girl’s Snapchat account and arranged another meeting.

Prosecutors said they would recommend a 10-year prison sentence, the minimum for sex trafficking a child.

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