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Canine rides in Sindh governor’s SUV with police escort, IT minister shoots video and posts it on-line

Karachi – An official Sindh Governor House vehicle was spotted on the streets of Karachi with a dog on board. This annoyed the passing Sindh Minister for Information, Science and Technology and he made a video of the German Shepherd enjoying the ride with the rear window open and enjoying the pleasant breeze in its golden mane.

PPP’s Minister Taimoor Talpur shot the video and posted it on social media on Wednesday. In a telephone interview with GNN, Talpur said he was also a dog lover but had never taken his dog in a company car.

VIP move for one of the pets from PTI?? # NayaPakistan # SaddakuttakuttaTaudakuttaSherro

– Taimur Talpur (@TaimurTapur) January 27, 2021

He said, “The public does not have enough to eat and here is a dog enjoying a ride in an official vehicle with a police escort.” He said this practice should be discouraged as it was an abuse of the treasury.

Talpur said Bilawal Bhutto Zardari also owns dogs but never took them on a joyride with the police escort.

The former governor of Sindh and the spokesman for the top leadership of the Pakistan Muslim League-N, Muhammad Zubair, also tweeted the video and criticized the VIP protocol.

Speaking of VIP protocol? Even the governor’s dog is given a full record. This party has crossed all borders.

– Mohammad Zubair (@Real_MZubair) January 27, 2021

He wrote on Twitter: “Even the governor’s dog will be given the full record. This party has crossed all borders.”

DoginGovernmentVehicle remained among the top Twitter trends on Wednesday.