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California Lawmaker Proposes Invoice to Make ‘Stealthing’ Throughout Intercourse Unlawful

A California legislature wants to make stealthing illegal. (Shutterstock)

A Southern California legislature reintroduced laws that would make it illegal to tamper with or remove a condom during sex without the sex partner’s knowledge or permission. This practice is known as “stealthing”.

Congregation member Cristina Garcia, D-Bell Gardens, introduced Bill 453 that would make stealthing illegal in California’s Civil Code.

“It is disgusting that there are online communities defending and promoting stealthing and offering advice on how to get away with removing condoms without your partner’s consent, but there is nothing in the law to make it clear that this is a crime “he said to Garcia, who announced the bill on Monday.

A study by Yale University calls stealthing “a serious violation of dignity and autonomy” and reports that cases among women and gay men are on the rise. The article also encourages new laws against the practice that allow victims to identify a cause of action.

Stealthing has also been referred to as “adjacent to rape”.

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Garcia introduced a similar bill in 2017 but dropped it because there wasn’t enough support to move forward.

“I’ve been working on the issue of ‘stealthing’ since 2017. And I won’t stop until there is some accountability for those who do the crime,” she said.

“Sexual assault, especially against women of the same color, is constantly being swept under the rug. There is so much stigma attached to the subject that even after every critic praised Micheala Coel’s “I May Destroy” for its compelling portrayal of the horrors of sexual abuse, including “stealthing,” it did not earn a Golden Globe nomination. It doesn’t seem to me to be an accident or a coincidence. “

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