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Burghill man indicted in intercourse with minor case | Information, Sports activities, Jobs

Burghill man indicted in intercourse with minor case | Information, Sports activities, Jobs

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WARREN – A Burghill man was charged Thursday by a Trumbull County grand jury on multiple cases involving a sexual assault case involving a minor who was investigated by Weathersfield Township Police in January.

Elijah D. Peters, 19, 7740 Thompson Sharpsville Road, has faced rape with potentially life imprisonment on three counts, gross sexual imprisonment on two counts, unlawful sexual acts with minors and the distribution of content harmful to teenagers.

Peters, one of 36 people indicted Thursday, was charged with two corruption charges in the Niles District Court in early May. Peters has been in Trumbull County Jail since April 29, pending a $ 500,000 bond deposit.

He will be tried in Common Pleas Judge Ronald J. Rice on June 10th at 9:00 am.

Trumbull County 911 reports show Peters was accused on Jan. 13 of being with a 12-year-old girl who was reported to have run away from her great-grandmother’s home in Weathersfield.

Others indicted by the grand jury were:

• Christopher R. Cronin, 37, in the custody of Chillicothe Correctional Facility, heavy drug possession with expiration dates, illegal transportation of drugs of abuse to a designated government facility, and aggravated drug trafficking;

• Kevin L. McCoy Jr., 35, 3847 Forest Ridge Court, Mineral Ridge, grievous burglary, criminal assault, domestic violence and violations of a protection order;

• Dominic F. Felleti, 44, 7077 Bristlewood Drive, Boardman, drug possession with an expiration date;

• Javon Bell, 22, 1160 Roberts Ave., Apartment I5, Warren, with hidden weapons;

• Jaymes E. Gaddis, 25, 2346 Wick St. SE, Warren, possession of fentanyl-related compound with expiration specification, heavy possession of expiration specification drug;

• Nicole L. Mills, 34, Erie, Pennsylvania, possession of cocaine;

• Jason T. Bates, 28, Columbus, who carries weapons hidden in a motor vehicle and improperly handles firearms;

• Terrance A. Douglas, 21, 2434 Tyrell St. Apt. 1, Youngstown, carrying hidden weapons, receiving stolen property, and improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle;

• Lisa Dawson, 37, 1569 Transylvania St., Warren, cocaine possession;

• Marquris Redd, 38, 619 Fifth St. SW, Niles, theft, petty theft in two cases, possession of criminal tools, and criminal damage or exposure;

• Mick D. Robinson, 40, 5401 Alva Ave., Warren, Serious Burglary and Assault;

• Russell Rosier, 50, 62B Mahoning Court, Newton Falls, who owns a fentanyl-related compound;

• Kevin Summers, 38, 221 Charles Ave. SE, Apt. 2, warren, heavy drug possession, and illicit use or possession of drug paraphernalia;

• Dallas A. Pal, 25, 1182 Eastland Ave. SE, Warren, Periodic Review of Current Address;

• Christopher L. Eskew, 36, 502 W. Ravenwood Ave., Youngstown, Drug Trafficking and Marijuana Possession;

• David J. Kennedy, 33, 2139 New Road, Austintown, rape on two counts;

• Teresa M. Rouse, 41, 1107 New Jersey Ave., McDonald, theft from someone in a protected class;

• Eugene F. Gearin, 50, 853 Braceville Robinsob Road, Newton Falls, obsession with heavy drugs, illicit use or possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of substance abuse instruments;

• Cody D. Wesley, 30, 204 Colonial Drive, Youngstown, failure to notify the sheriff of a change of address;

• Darreion D. Owens, 26, 1960 S. Feederle Drive SE, Warren, cocaine possession;

• Chelsey L. Hinkle, 29, 4442 Clover Lane, Warren, Heavy Drugs;

• Steven J. Smith, 23, 716 Olive St., Niles, Heavy Drugs;

• Jessica R. Davis, 37, runs the Trumbull County Jail, breaks into and enters;

• Joseph M. Lewis, 41, 305 Youngstown Vienna Road, Vienna, burglary and burglary;

• Andrew McCourt, 34, 15900 Mock Road, Berlin Center, heavy drug possession, cocaine possession, heroin possession, possession of a fentanyl-related compound, two cases of drug possession and burglary and burglary;

• Lauren Perry, 26, 9050 Woodridge Lane, mentor, owner of a fentanyl-related compound;

• Michael A. Young Jr., 30, 275 Belmont Ave., Warren, receives stolen property;

• Steven N. Wilson, 23, 1248 Elm Road NE, Warren, Robbery and Criminal Assault;

• Jose A. Delgado, 40, 2130 Oak St. SW, Warren, robbery and assault;

• Aaron E. Jackson, 32, Euclid, improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle and carrying hidden weapons.

The following cases were referred back to a lower court:

• Sharieka K. Starks, 34, 1756 Lexington, Warren, serious trespass and double attack;

• Julius C. Jordan, 50, in the custody of Trumbull County Prison, trespassing and assault on two counts;

• Juan D. Jordan, 30, in the custody of Trumbull County Prison, trespassing and assault on two counts;

• Anthony J. Morgan, 50, 676 Maple St. SW, Warren, OVI on two points.

No invoice or charge was made in the following cases:

• Julian Parillo, 27, 1117 Tod Ave., Girard, attempted assault;

• Maurice Evans, 20, 927 Tod Ave. NW, Warren, Evidence Manipulation, Possession of Drugs, and Possession of Cocaine;

• Marie D. Harley, 18, 118 W. Delason Ave., Youngstown, improper handling of firearms in a motor vehicle;

• Justin D. Schreckengost, 32, 866 Union St. SW, Warren, heavy drug possession;

• Felleti, dual drug possession;

• Heavy, serious burglary;

• Julius Jordan, serious burglary;

• Juan Jordan, severe burglary;

• Bell, firing firearms in a forbidden place;

• Morgan, OVI;

• Perry, possession of heroin;

• Delgado, assault and resistance to arrest;

• Jackson riding under suspension.

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