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Buccaneers followers crowd Chiefs bus requiring police escort (Images)

Tampa Bay privateers. (Mandatory Credit: Mary Holt-USA TODAY Sports)

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A crush of Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans huddled on a Kansas City Chiefs team bus, demanding a police escort to help the Super Bowl losers exit Raymond James Stadium.

As fans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers celebrated on the streets after their team won Super Bowl 55, they found a Kansas City Chiefs team bus and completely surrounded it. The chiefs needed a police escort to be on the merry way out of town.

Not only was this the Buccaneers’ first Super Bowl title in 18 years, but it was also the first time a team played the Super Bowl in their home stadium. With the buccaneers blowing out Chiefs 31-9 on Sunday night, something like this had to happen whether there was a global pandemic in the world or not. Buccaneer’s fans would definitely celebrate.

How did the Buccaneers win Super Bowl 55 so easily against the Chiefs?

Kansas City entered Super Bowl LV as a slight favorite on the street versus the Buccaneers in the hometown. It wasn’t shocking that the Buccaneers won, but what surprised us was how crooked their win was. The high-octane offense of the Chiefs brought only nine points and never hit Pay Dirt once. Rob Gronkowski scored more points than the Chiefs.

What was the biggest key in that game was Todd Bowles, the Buccaneers defensive coordinator, who ate Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy alive. Kansas City had no answer to the relentless pass rush of the Buccaneers. With Kansas City losing both starts, Patrick Mahomes and the company had no chance of competing against the most complete team in the NFL last season.

Leave it to 2020 until the Tampa Bay Area becomes “a city of champions”.