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Brittany Galvin Lastly Units the File Straight on Escort Rumors

Matt James’ season of The Bachelor has got off to a rocky start. Over the past few weeks, some of the women fighting for his heart have shown the audience that they’re not afraid to bring their claws into the house. When five new women arrived last week, one of them, Brittany Galvin, was accused of being an escort. Now she puts the record right on the rumors.

Brittany Galvin from ‘The Bachelor’ Season 25 | ABC / Craig Sjodin

Who got to ‘The Bachelor’ last week?

Five new women, Brittany Galvin, Catalina Morales, Kim Li, Michelle Young and Ryan Claytor, drove to less-than-warm receptions in the Bachelor limousine. The women immediately had a problem with Brittany after she kissed Matt when she met him. Although the other four women who got out of the limo weren’t as forward, they didn’t get a warm welcome from the other attendees.

When Catalina walked in with her Miss Universe Puerto Rico crown, Victoria Larson stole it right off her head. Michelle went on a one-on-one date which made her an enemy in the house, and Kim went home the first night so she wouldn’t get as much screen time. Brittany, on the other hand, became the focus of the episode.

Brittany accused of being an escort

Anna Redman recognized Brittany when she walked into the house and told Victoria that something was wrong with the newcomer.

“It’s like sketchy,” said Anna. “She’s not here about Matt. I don’t see it ever ending with Matt. All I’ve ever been told about her is that she sucks, but I don’t know her either. “

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Brittany later interrupted Anna’s conversation with Matt so naturally that Anna made it her sole responsibility to get rid of her.

“I’m checked,” said Anna. “I just think about the fact that it stands there and interrupts or interrupts again in 30 seconds. It’s just disrespectful. I almost want to be like this, yo girl … I know some shit about you. Do not mess with me. “

She later revealed to the cameras that she had heard Brittany was an escort.

“There is a rumor that Brittany is an escort because she knows all the rich men in Chicago,” she said. “She may have a transactional relationship with wealthy men. I could see her playing Matt when she’s used to dealing with men to get what she wants. “

When Anna brought up the rumors at a group meeting, Brittany vehemently denied them.

“No, I’m not an escort,” Brittany told the women. “It’s so ridiculous to even say that or let this come out of my mouth. I’ve had a boyfriend since I was 16. Make a conclusion about me before you even know me … that’s all. I feel like everyone is against me now. “

Is Brittany Galvin an escort?

Brittany has been raising the situation on her Instagram since the episode aired.

“It’s 2021, do you know how prominent sex workers are in this world? Or how many people do OnlyFans have? Why are we still judging others? “, She wrote according to screenshots from Cosmopolitan. “Jealousy and hatred really come out when others are doing better in life, but why? Focus on yourself and if you are not satisfied with where you are, then work on yourself. “

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She doubled in on the fact that she is not an escort.

“To make it clear again, I am not an escort,” she wrote. But she was careful to clarify her feelings about sex work.

“And for the people who are, don’t let others tear you down,” she wrote. “Keep sharing your stories with me because they are all so powerful. I am here to support you as you do with me! ”