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Brittany Galvin Defends Escorts & Slams On-line Trolls In IG Story

Bachelor Brittany Galvin was accused by other girls of being an escort later this week. She defended sex workers on Instagram.

The bachelorBrittany Galvin was accused of being an escort by other girls later that week. She defended sex workers and denounced trolls in a long Instagram story.

Five new girls were featured in the latest episode of Matt James’ season of The Bachelor. The unusual move was received with shock and anger by the original participants. One girl in particular, Brittany Galvin, took the brunt of the other girls’ anger. Anna Redman, a 24-year-old Chicago copywriter, told Victoria Larson that she and Brittany run in similar circles in Chicago. Anna had reportedly received messages from other women telling her to watch out for Brittany and that she entertained men for money. Anna decided to confront Brittany about the rumors after Brittany cut off her time with Matt. Instead of pulling Brittany aside, Anna asked her at her group meeting in front of all women if she was an escort. This move has been widely criticized by fans and other women on the show. Brittany vehemently denied the escort rumors and has now spoken about the incident on Instagram.

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Brittany wrote that she has been inundated with supportive Instagram messages since the episode aired. Many women have shared their stories with Brittany about being bullied as sex workers. She defended escorts in her story, writing, “It’s 2021, you know how prominent sex workers are in this world? Or how many people just have fans? Why are we still judging others.” Brittany continued, “Again, to make it clear that I am NOT an escort. And for the people who are, don’t let others tear you down. Keep telling me your stories because they are so powerful. Me am here to support you. ” You like how you got me! Brittany also addressed how wrong it was for Anna to blame her for it on national television. She wrote, ‘If this had happened to me in the real world, I’d wipe it off because I knew my truth. But how would you react if someone tried to take advantage of you for the world with an accusation that could harm your career and reputation “and future relationships.” Another contestant, Katie Thurston, made that sort of thing on the show Accusations could potentially ruin someone’s life.

Brittany Galvin

However, Brittany thought it was very noble in her story and asked fans to dump Anna online. Anna has received a lot of hatred from fans and online publications since the episode aired. “It was a damn thing but let’s not ruin someone’s life over it,” she wrote on a separate slide. “Trapping others is exactly what I don’t want.” Brittany also thanked her followers for their support in a separate post.

The preview for next week’s episode suggests that much of the drama in the house will be blown up. We have to see if Brittany survives the cut and can fight for Matt James’ heart.

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Source: Brittany Galvin Instagram

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