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Brie Bella Schedules Intercourse With Daniel Bryan After Child No. 2

In search of her spark. Living as a family of four was certainly an adjustment for Brie Bella and her husband, Daniel Bryan – Especially in the bedroom.

“I thought a child took a lot of time. Then add two to the mix that have different needs. It really wipes out all of your energy and time, “the 37-year-old Total Bellas star told us Weekly exclusively on Thursday, March 4th while talking about her and Nikki BellaTear free baby hair care products.

The former WWE wrestler married 39-year-old Bryan in 2014 and three years later the couple welcomed daughter Birdie. In August 2020, Brie gave birth to her second child, son Buddy. With two young children on completely different schedules, the “Bellas Podcast” host admitted that she and her husband struggled to connect in their spare time.

Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan Courtesy Brie Bella / Instagram

“He and I actually said the other day, ‘We have to go on vacation,'” the incomparable author told us. “We feel that the absence of our children will really help spark something. Because really … you have to plan everything and it’s awful. Nothing can be spontaneous. “

While their relationship may not be romantic, the couple makes up for it in other ways. “The one thing [we] said we feel blessed with two [kids] – because of how much it’s changing – is that we have such a great partnership, really great communication and a strong friendship, “enthused Brie. “We respect each other and sometimes just look at each other and say, ‘Should we have sex or just go to sleep? Because that means we have eight hours. ‘We will sleep more and more [first]. ”

Mastering the additional challenges of looking after two little ones was not always easy – and on some nights they just want to rest and recharge their batteries.

“It’s nice we have a few hours before we crash and want to go to sleep, and we really talk to them [each other]”Explained the reality television personality.” You really need a strong partnership to just be parents and be healthy together. “

A month after Brie welcomed Buddy into her brood, he announced that she and the four-time WWE Championship winner slept in separate rooms so that he could “give it all [his] Attention and Energy ”for her 3 year old daughter.

“Even though she’s obsessed with Buddy, it’s difficult when it’s all about you, and now you’re sharing it all,” the Californian native said during an episode of her podcast in September 2020. “It was great because Bryan is really in control Bird took over and allowed me to give Buddy all my attention. I obviously have my little birdie times all day and I make sure I give her all the attention [then]but it really helped me not to be so stressed. “

With reporting by Christina Garibaldi

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