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Border Patrol Reviews Report Variety of Arrests Involving Intercourse Offenders in San Diego Sector

A border guard is positioned at the border fence. Photo by Chris Stone

Border Patrol reported it was on track to arrest a limit number of cross-border workers convicted of past sexual offenses in the San Diego sector this fiscal year.

Since the beginning of the federal fiscal year on October 1, San Diego Sector agents have arrested 25 sex offenders – the same number as last year.

The latest arrest came on Wednesday in the Otay Mountain wilderness when agents led a 24-year-old man who had served four years in Nevada prison for sex with a teenager.

The man had been deported to Mexico after the end of his term in office. He is now being charged with illegal re-entry.

“I commend our agents for their unwavering protection of America,” said Chief Patrol Agent Aaron Heitke. “Detecting such predators makes our communities safer.”

The San Diego sector administrators began tracking the annual arrests of sex offenders in fiscal 2019.

The sector includes 60 miles of border with Mexico and 114 miles along California’s Pacific coast.

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