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Boeing 727 to get M5 police escort from Cotswolds Airport to Bristol

Motorists will be trapped behind an unusual load that is different from others on some of the region’s main roads on Saturday.

A Boeing 727 aircraft will bring a police escort from Cotswolds Airport in Kemble to Junction 15 of the M5.

And Gloucestershire Police have said this could cause delays for motorists in the area.

Of course, only people who are on important trips should be on the road during the lockdown.

The massive Boeing 727 is 40 m long and was scheduled to leave on Sunday, January 31st.

However, bad weather meant the plane would have gotten stuck in the mud at Kemble Airport if any attempt had been made to move it.

The big move was therefore delayed by almost a month until Saturday, February 27th.

In a statement, Gloucestershire Police said: “Our officers will be escorting an abnormal load across the county tomorrow morning (Saturday), which may cause delays for drivers traveling in the area.

“A Boeing 727 aircraft will receive a police escort from Kemble Airfield to junction 15 of the M5.

“The abnormal load leaves Kemble Airfield at 9am before departing on the A429, A419, B4696, A419 and M5 at Junction 15 for Almondsbury.

“The aircraft is 37.57 m long, 4.9 m wide and 4 m high. Drivers using the route are advised to allow extra time for their travels.”

The plane was purchased by Pytch, a messaging company, who plans to use it as office and event space for the Brislington company.

Johnny Palmer, owner of Pytch, said, “Instead of flying, it will crawl at 20 mph along the M5, M4 and M32.

“There will likely be traffic disruptions when the police escort helps take two lanes of the motorway.

“The way it is attached to the trailer is important as a rolling hull on the road can be fatal.

“In Bristol, it will be the heart of the center of our technology empire.”