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Block star’s alleged sufferer claims escort ambush

Former escort reality TV contestant Suzi Taylor allegedly had a roommate who tied up a male client and they both attacked him to force him to pay her hundreds of dollars.

David Butler told Brisbane District Court that after going to a New Farm unit to meet an escort he knew as Katie, he was handcuffed, beaten, and kicked for hours for half an hour of sex.

Prosecutor Ben Jackson told the Brisbane District Court jury that Katie was Suellen Jan Taylor.

Taylor and Ali Ebrahimi pleaded not guilty today of imprisonment, assault, extortion, fraud and attempted fraud.

The offenses were allegedly committed in a New Farm unit on October 30, 2019.

The 34-year-old butler reported to the court on the text exchange with escort Katie before going to the Bowen Terrace unit.

“Babe, can you wear something tight and black, with stockings and high cures?” Wrote Mr. Butler in a text shown to the court.

He said after he and Katie had been drinking champagne and red wine on the unit’s balcony for a few hours, she told him very emphatically, “Come into the bedroom” and they started kissing and touching.

Mr Butler said that after Katie went topless, she said to him, “If you want this to go on, you’ll have to pay me some money.”

Mr Butler said when he refused, Katie got angry and shouted “Ali he has no money”.

He said two men came into the room yelling at him for money and one who the Crown claims is Ebrahimi grabbed his neck and dragged him into the kitchen.

“I tried to resist and break away from it. He was stronger than me,” said Butler.

“… When I started to resist, he hit me and kicked me.”

Mr Butler said his wrists were then tied tightly behind his back with string by the man.

He said he yelled “I’m broke, I’m broke” even though he had $ 250 in his wallet.

Mr. Butler said Ali then started punching and kicking him while he was on the ground and “Katie” also punched and kicked him shortly after he was handcuffed.

He said Ali asked for his phone PIN and banking app PINs, and Katie took photos of his driver’s license and cards from his wallet.

He said Ali told him he would kill him if he didn’t give him his bank account PIN, so he gave the number.

Suzi Taylor’s co-defendant Ali Ebrahimi on trial in Brisbane. Image: NCA NewsWire / Tertius Pickard

Mr Butler said the couple were finally able to transfer $ 950 from his account after being handcuffed for hours.

He once said he tried to escape and screamed as he ran to a door, but he was pulled back by Ali and attacked again.

At his crown opening, Attorney General Ben Jackson said things “got out of hand” after Taylor allegedly told Mr Butler to pay her $ 500.

He said the Crown claimed Taylor procured, arranged or encouraged Ebrahimi to handcuff Mr. Butler and use force to obtain money it believed was owed to her.

Mr Jackson said the alleged threat of harm had a real impact on Mr Butler, who was eventually untied by the court flock and allowed to go home.

He said that in addition to the $ 950 allegedly withdrawn from Mr. Butler’s bank account, $ 250 was also withdrawn from his wallet before it was returned to him.

The four-day trial will continue.

Originally published as Former Block Star, it’s facing a four-day trial