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Big Florida Gator Will get Police Escort As It Stops Freeway Visitors

A giant alligator wandering down a Florida freeway brought traffic to a standstill when police tried to lead the reptile off the road.

Incredible footage of the animal was uploaded to TikTok by a passenger stuck in the alligator’s traffic jam.

The clip shared by Rlshama shows the roughly two-meter-long alligator lying in the middle of I-75 near Ocala.

The Gator doesn’t seem to be bothered by the numerous cars at the intersection that were forced to brake and turn on their hazard lights.

A couple of cars try to sneak around the reptile before a police car shows up to move the giant alligator.

The clip shows him finally getting up and casually strolling across the street while the police car escorts him.

Numerous clips shared by the four year old mom document progress across the street as viewers begin filming the Gator and cars slow down to get a better view.

Halfway through, it decides it has had enough and lies down again. A policeman waves his hand out of the window and appears to be steering cars around it.

Eventually it reaches the sidewalk – weirdly about the zebra crossing – and Rlshama confirms that he has brought it to safety.

She said, “The policeman helped him get to the lake across the street, but I couldn’t record that part as we had to go.”

The clip went viral after being uploaded on Tuesday. More than seven million people have watched the unusual roadblock.

Rlshama titled the clip “Tell me you live in Florida without telling me”. He later added, “It’s the slow way for me.”

Commenting on the clip, Lauren said, “Stop it, I thought it was a sinkhole in the street first.”

Jaimie joked, “I like that all the spinning cars aren’t disturbed. Just another day in Florida.”

“At least he used the crosswalk,” said Lisa B.

Guadalupe sympathized with those stuck in traffic and said, “Why are you late for work? Um, because there was an alligator on the street, lol.”

While Jeanette Morales Lu added, “My husband said ‘I need a police escort to water please’.”

Last week, a group of kids thought they’d found an alligator frozen under a lake in Wisconsin.

A clip circulating on TikTok shows children at an ice hole on Chain O ‘Lakes, convinced they have found “an Amazon alligator” after discovering an icy claw.

After doing some research, they determined it was a snapping turtle known locally as the Large Marge.

Stock Image of an alligator crossing a street in Florida. A giant alligator stopped traffic at a busy I-75 intersection.
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