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Bengaluru man loses job in lockdown, turns into an escort, shocked spouse recordsdata for divorce

A Bengaluru man became an escort after losing his call center job during the lockdown last year. His wife is shocked to learn the truth and has now filed for divorce.

A 27-year-old man from Bengaluru became a male escort after losing his job in lockdown. (Representative image)

A woman in Bengaluru filed for divorce from her husband when she found out her husband had worked as an escort after losing his call center job during the lockdown.

The 24-year-old woman reportedly met her husband in the office canteen of her BPO in Bengaluru in mid-2017.

When the ban went nationwide, her 27-year-old husband, like many others, had lost his job and started looking for work.

Officials informed of the case said the woman noticed her husband had exhibited unusual behavior since February 2020 when he was extremely busy with his laptop and cellphone. They said the husband made untimely and unexplained visits to places that he would not talk to her about in detail.

In mid-November, the woman suspected something was wrong and she took the help of her tech brother and cracked her husband’s laptop. To her horror, she found a folder with graphic images.

According to the officials, she is said to have found a secret folder that contains numerous nude photos of her husband and selfies of half-naked women who are unknown to her. At this point she learned that her husband was working as a male escort, billed at Rs 3,000-5,000 an hour and had numerous clients in Bengaluru.

Although she brought up the subject, her husband refused to admit it was him. With the help of a few friends, she turned up at the Malleswaram police station’s women’s hotline in February 2021.

The husband eventually admitted that he became a commercial sex worker after losing his job.

The husband said he was ready to quit his new found job and mend ways, but the wife insisted that she wanted to end the marriage. The couple has now filed for divorce by mutual consent at a city court.