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Baywatch star Pamela Anderson says vegan weight loss program has improved her intercourse life

Pamela Anderson says eating a vegan diet will improve your sex life.

The 53-year-old Baywatch star said her plant-based sausages helped her husband “feel like a new man,” reports The Mirror.

Anderson and bodyguard builder Dan Hayhurst fell in love during last year’s COVID lockdown in the U.S. and were married on December 24th.

“This diet worked wonders. Dan feels like a new man, ”a source told the publication.

“Pam makes vegan sausages and is famous for her smoothies and Buddha bowls.”

Anderson has spoken in the past about the various benefits of veganism – including getting more stamina in the bedroom.

“Better Lovers”

“Vegans are better lovers,” she once said.

“Cholesterol slows the blood flow to all organs.

“You can improve your health and increase your stamina by going vegan.

“A healthy body is a sexy body.

“Going vegan can help men of all ages improve sexual performance.”

Pamela Anderson says going vegan can improve a person’s sex life. Photo credit: Omar Vega/.AP

Anderson and Hayhurst were married at the star’s home on Vancouver Island, Canada.

Hayhurst is Anderson’s fourth husband.

She was previously married to musicians Tommy Lee and Kid Rock, then twice to poker player Rick Salomon.

Anderson has been a vocal animal rights activist for many years after becoming a vegetarian and then a vegan in her teenage years.

She has worked with PETA on animal rights campaigns on a regular basis, including the famous “I’d rather go naked than wear fur” campaign.

“Pamela Anderson has advocated animals at every opportunity and made a tremendous impact on animals and the world,” the PETA website says.