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Baby-like intercourse dolls could be felony supplies in South Dakota underneath a proposed regulation

PIERRE, SD (KELO) – Making, buying, or owning a child sex doll or robot can mean spending time behind bars in a South Dakota jail or jail.

This is what Jessica Castleberry wants. So do 32 other state senators. Their vote on Thursday was unanimous in favor of legislation making these activities a crime in South Dakota.

SB 126 is now going to the house where Tim Reed is the main sponsor.

Castleberry, who owns and operates preschools in Rapid City, was the only Senator to speak on the bill on Thursday. “This is an extremely worrying subject,” she said.

Some of the dolls have programmable functions such as “rape” and “submissive” settings, and there are models for toddlers and children. She said, “South Dakota must ban these harmful products.”

The South Dakota Legislative Research Council issued a Prisons and Prisons Impact Statement about the potential impact. It stated:

“Two states, Florida and Tennessee, have similar laws regarding child sex dolls.
However, both states have passed these laws within the past two years. Furthermore, no state
responded to requests for data about the number of convictions under these laws.
So there would likely be some impact on prisons and prisons, but it cannot be
determined at this point. “