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At $4,500, Would You Make A Date With This 1992 Ford Escort GT?

Good price or no diceIs the used car good business? You decide!

today Good price or no dice Escort is a mad lad of a car that stands out from other Ford Econoboxes with its turbo engine and Subaru STi-like hood scoop. Crazy as it is, could the price turn out to be the most reasonable?

The many factors to consider when considering what type of classic car to buy can discourage the experience. There is of course the personal appeal. Then there is the careful balance between rarity and availability of parts. Many more questions come into play, and it all adds up to their weight versus asking price.

We went through this entire process yesterday taking a into account 1967 Volvo 122S Coupe. A series of boxes was used to verify that Volvo has proven to be the perfect classic for many of you. And at Canadian $ 12,500 (roughly $ 9,850), an impressive number of you were ready to sign the hypothetical bottom line, which gave the car a solid 70 percent profit at a good price.

There was a time, many years after the 122S left the factory, that Volvo had an alliance with the Ford Motor Company. Ford owned the Swedish automaker from 1999 to 2010, and both companies capitalized on the relationship by sharing platforms across vehicle lines like the Ford Focus and the Volvo C30.

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The 1992 Ford Escort GT We see today was the result of a cross-company partnership with another of Ford’s holdings at the time, Mazda. The second generation of American Escort avoided updating the European Escort for a platform originally developed by Mazda for the 323. The hot Escort GT used the 1.8-liter four-cylinder DOHC from Mazda instead of the 1.9-liter four-cylinder filler shaker from Ford.

This heavily modified and turbo-charged GT adds another Japanese manufacturer to the mix as it includes an intercooler from a Subaru as well as an STi-aping hood scoop. The Turbo is a Garret GT28 which, according to the seller, is supported by “all necessary supporting modifications”. Strangely, the turbo’s blow-off valve has its own exhaust pipe that exits through a hole in the bonnet. The hood scoop is sizeable but does not feed the air-to-air intercooler as expected. This heat exchanger is mounted on the front of the car like the cow catcher does. This position is evident from the lack of a front bumper.

Other mods are wide fender flares around Diamond Racing Pro Street wheels that appear offset for an RWD car rather than the Escort’s FWD layout. Regardless, they look pretty bad. The rest of the body is presented in stock, with the GT’s large wraparound wing at the rear.

There are other mods in the cabin, including a Corbeau seat for the driver and four-point seat belts for the driver and front passenger. A large gear lever works with the Mazda five-speed manual transmission, while steering is taken over by the standard two-spoke wheel.

According to the ad, the odometer reads only 125,000 miles and emphatically states that the car has “NO PROBLEMS”. This is supported by the claim that “this car works” and the notation that it has a clean title.

That’s it for the description of the car, although the seller offers to “disclose details about how the entire car is set up and functioning to serious buyers”. Hey, we’re pretty serious. I mean, of course not about the whole thing, but we like to think about and debate prices. This is kind of jam and I will never stop trying to make it happen.

In the case of this custom escort, the price for these serious buyers is $ 4,500. The seller will also be trading broken diesel trucks or snowmobiles, but since I am not aware of a standardized exchange rate for those, we stick with cash.

What do you think is this turbo-charged and bumper-free escort worth the $ 4,500? Or does this price make you want to just go it alone?

You decide!

Seattle Craigslist, or go Here when the display disappears.

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