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Apache Junction police notify group of intercourse offender transferring to AJ

The Apache Junction Police Department notifies the community of a registered sex offender moving into town.

Notification is in accordance with the Revised Arizona Bylaws, §13-3825. Notification is required when certain sex offenders are released from Arizona State Prison, admitted under an interstate pact, or released back into the community from a county jail.

It is the responsibility of the senior law enforcement officer, who is in charge, if the perpetrator is resident, to notify the community.

John Edward Durham Jr., 48, lives on the 300 block of South Main Drive in Apache Junction.

He is described as 5 feet 10 inches tall, 180 pounds, and has brown hair and hazel eyes.

Mr. Durham was convicted of attempted sexual assault, a grade 3 crime, in Pinal County in 1998. The victim was an unfamiliar adult woman.

It is considered a level 3 risk to the community by the Apache Junction Police Department.

Flyers are distributed to immediate neighbors, community schools, daycare centers and local media.

The person featured on this notification was convicted of a sex offense that enabled the Apache Junction Police Department to post a community notification.

The notification is not intended to increase anxiety. Rather, it is about informing the community about a sex offender living in the city and complying with state laws.

“We believe that an informed community is a safer community. Citizens’ misuse of this information to threaten, intimidate or harass that person will not be tolerated and charges may be brought against anyone who breaks the law, ”the press release said.

The AJPD Community Resources Unit can be reached at 474-5442 and is available to anyone interested in participating in or starting a Neighborhood Block Watch program and helpful information about personal safety.

If you have information on current criminal activity on this or any other perpetrator, call 480-982-8260 or 911 in an emergency.