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Anna Accuses Brittany of Being ‘Escort’

Serious allegations. Matt James met five new women on Monday January 25th, episode of The Bachelor that led to drama between Anna and Brittany.

Matt fought first Sarah‘s sudden departure, but he was able to leave on the group appointment. After questioning the women’s remaining intentions, he bonded with Chelseawho opened up about her complicated feelings about her hair as a black woman. Then he gave her the group date Rose.

KatieIn the meantime, she felt it was her duty to stop bullying around the house. Victoria confronted her with the fact that she was not allowed to “express” herself by “attribution”. Katie refused to apologize, however.

Anna and Brittany from ‘The Bachelor’. ABC / Craig Sjodin (2)

At the cocktail party, Anna said she was ready to put the drama aside, but the arrival of five new women- Brittany, Michelle, Ryan, Kim and Catalina – stirred everyone up again. Matt tried to welcome her into the group, but the original participants didn’t feel respected. Matt finally sent home Khaylah, Kaili and Kim at the rose ceremony.

Ben Higgins encouraged Matt to try and bring the women together while the former bachelor hosted a group meeting for an obstacle course. The idea of ​​peace seemed great, but Brittany interrupted Anna’s time with Matt and complicated things. Anna later announced that she had heard rumors that Brittany was an “escort” who “entertained men for money”. Since both women are from Chicago, Anna said she was warned about Brittany and her friendships with rich men.

Anna asked Brittany about the allegation, which Brittany denied and described as “ridiculous”. Even though Anna apologized, the rumor still spread throughout the house and Anna kept repeating it while Katie planned to end the bullying. Briin turn received the group date Rose.

Michelle and Matt James on ‘The Bachelor’. ABC / Craig Sjodin

Amid the drama, Michelle landed a personal scavenger hunt date with Matt. He recognized characteristics in her that he wanted in a woman and gave her a rose.

Matt then had another group date made up of women from the original cast. They boxed each other and kept hostility to a minimum as they respected each other. Matt stopped the match shortly afterwards Serena P. suffered a blow in the nose. They went on to the after party, where the ladies kept insulting the new candidates. Katie tried again to encourage her to be nicer, but when she felt she was not making any progress, she shared her concern with Matt.

Katie told Matt he had to confront women about bullying and put an end to rumors that could ruin lives. He insisted he would not advocate the behavior and vowed to speak to the entire group about the situation.

The Bachelor will air Mondays at 8 p.m. ET.

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