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Anderson Co. deputy returns house with shock police escort, parade after COVID restoration

ANDERSON COUNTY, SC (WSPA) – An Anderson County sheriff’s deputy is home after two months battling a severe case of COVID-19. On Friday morning, Deputy Jerry Brown Jr. was surprised with an escort and a welcome parade.

Deputy Brown said he had been in the hospital since Jan. 2. During his struggle, he was on a ventilator and in a medically induced coma for a while.

“My GP when I came over and knew who I was, who my name was, woke up from the induced coma and tracheotomy and told me he said boy he said you had your hand on the doorknob of death. They just didn’t turn the handle and went through it, ”said Deputy Brown. “He said when I first saw you I thought you might have a few hours left and you’d be a different statistic.”

Deputy Brown was in a medically induced coma for more than a month and finally woke up a few days before Valentine’s Day.

“It was an emotional roller coaster ride the whole time because they didn’t think he would make it. They told me to be prepared not to return home, ”said Alicia Brown, Deputy Brown’s wife.

When the 56-year-old MP left AnMed Health Rehabilitation Hospital, it was a moment he did not see coming.

“When I got into the lobby, I saw a group of young women, nurses, and hospital staff, and that’s what I was focusing on, and my wife, and I wasn’t really paying attention to the outside, wasn’t looking outside,” said Deputy Brown. “And I looked up and said, wait, what all those police cars are out there for, and when I get through those doors it was overwhelming.”

About 40 Anderson County Sheriff’s Department cars were waiting outside ready to take him to his home in Williamston.

“It surprised me and this escort home and the support of my neighbors and some of my family members could be here. It’s just too much, ”said Deputy Brown.

“Not just being a sheriff, everyone loves him as a neighbor here. And we are very happy that he made it and that he can come home to his daughter and his wife today, ”said a neighbor.

Despite still having oxygen and paralyzed part of his leg family, neighbors and colleagues are now celebrating the new survivor.

“I’ve been working with this May 5th place for 32 years. This will be one of the most memorable moments of my career. I appreciate each and every one of you, ”said Deputy Brown. “Thank you is not enough to say to anyone here to convey how I feel,” he said.

Deputy Brown said he had a long way to go in recovery. He hopes to be able to go back to work one day in the near future.