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An escort spills on the forms of girls who need to change into one

Escort Samanatha X shares the qualities that are required for their work.

There is a price to be paid to be a public (happy and free) escort. Relationships are tough (mostly because I don’t want one), it can be a lonely and isolating life, and there is still judgment.

I understand my choices are hard to understand, but it’s complex. I am who I am, I knew this life was for me and although I would like to give up everything and become a normal person with a normal job (God forbid), I can’t even do it if I tried and neither do I want to. And someone else’s judgment and opinion doesn’t pay my bills.

It’s 2021, the world has changed and women can do whatever they want with their life and body, and they can write, sing, dance about it if they choose.

And I’m certainly not alone.

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There are a lot of women, normal, professional career women who book me for mentoring, who sit nervously on my sofa with a cup of green tea and cuddle my dog ​​up to them and admit that it is a path they secretly want.

The types of women I have met include doctors, lawyers, bankers, television personalities, school mothers, a woman from the ATO, flight attendants, journalists; even a woman who sat on five boards and spoke four languages.

The doctors tell me they put enough fingers up their buttocks to know that the physical aspect wouldn’t bother them. The lawyers tell me that they are tired of office politics and long hours. Some schoolmothers said they long for a secret life and a more flexible lifestyle and the woman from the ATO told me that she would pay absolutely no tax on the money she would make as an escort.

And they keep telling me the same thing: they are tired of dating their husbands, nasty divorces or a series of failed relationships, and most of all, they say they love sex.

The loving sex line always makes me smile. I gave them the same answer. “Don’t do this job for sex because you will have more sex in your public life than in your professional life.”

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that escorting is not about sex. It’s about connection and compassion. So what makes a good escort? (In my opinion only):

You are a good listener

Escorting dates are not about you. While customers are eager to get to know you, they really don’t want to know about problems with your boyfriend, health issues, and family issues. You pay for a service.

Service is about giving them what they need: mostly a safe, non-judgmental space. It’s about her, not you. My skills as a journalist are very useful. I know what questions to ask to make sure the customer is comfortable and I know how to listen.

You are comfortable with your body

Guess – in the ten years I’ve been Samantha, and with all the women I’ve met in the industry, none of them have had perfect bodies. They were curvy, wrinkled, they had cellulite, lumps and bumps and so on (myself included). However, they have one thing in common: trust.

They love their bodies (or make peace with them) and they illuminate women. And that’s number one that I think makes you good in bed – you love your body because a man will no matter what. Regardless of what people think, your self-confidence as an escort will increase.

You really like men

Don’t do this job if you hate men or if you want revenge on men or a man and only do it for the money, even though the sight of a man makes you wince. Not only will this be soul damaging to you and I would be concerned about your sanity, but a man can feel it from a mile away.

I love men, I make no secret of loving men, I am very comfortable with men and I really enjoy their company and find them funny. I’ve had more problems with women in my life than with men who I think are pretty simple (in a lovable way).

They are always quietly scared when they walk through the door, which makes me love them even more. If you spend the whole date hating her or if her touch makes your skin crawl and you just want to take the money and run, then get another job. Your sanity will suffer badly.

So for sex? Try Tinder.