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Amid spike in anti-Asian assaults, Koreatown residents are escorted by volunteers

KOREATOWN, LOS ANGELES (KABC) – In light of the recent numerous attacks on Asian Americans across the country, a group of local volunteers are helping Koreatown residents by providing safety and camaraderie when they need to go out.

The organizers call them Neighborhood Safety Companions, who keep an eye on the community and do their part to prevent anti-Asian violence.

“When it all happens, it’s just so frustrating and sad just to try and find ways that I can use my time and energy to help our community,” Linda Joe told ABC7.

The volunteer teams wearing yellow vests have greeted local residents. They are particularly concerned about the safety of pedestrians, delivery workers and street vendors.

The volunteers also offer to accompany local residents to their cars or other destinations. Many of them were upset about the rise in racism, hatred and violence in the US against Asian Americans and Pacific islanders.

“To see Korean women being attacked, especially in the terrorist attack in Atlanta,” said Nathan Ramos-Park volunteer. “I mean, that was my mother, that was my aunt, that was my grandmother.”

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