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‘American Idol’ Contestant Admits To Being An Escort [VIDEO]

‘American Idol’ Contestant Admits To Being An Escort [VIDEO] on
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“American Idol” candidate admits to being an escort [VIDEO]

Erika Perry is a hopeful American Idol who had one of the most memorable auditions this season. The singer, nicknamed “ET”, caused a sensation with her unique rendition of Katy Perry’s hit “ET”. She was inducted into the Hollywood round of the competition after a very vulnerable moment with the judges.

In a resurfaced interview with Adam22 on his podcast “No Jumper”, Erika revealed that she is a former sex worker. She was joined by her friends Hayden and Richelle, who talked about getting into the business at a young age.

American Idol candidate Erika Perry is honest about sex work

At the time of the podcast, Erika was talking about not really big on social media. Instead, she likes live streaming on the Periscope app. Adam was particularly interested in how Erika started getting into sex work.

Erika was asked to provide a detailed account of her past experiences. She was 19 when a friend recommended that she see the Seeking Arrangements website. This is a website for people looking for sugar dads or sugar babies. “I fucked this guy in Laguna Beach, it was about $ 1,000, and after that I was like I can’t believe how much money I made fucking someone.”


“I found all of these rich guys doing seeking arrangements like directors… this guy who owned Live Nation was like a partner in it. He’d get us hotel rooms at the Roosevelt and we’d just love to have a party afterward, like after we’d done the deed. When Erika was asked to remember how she felt about the experience, she said she was “excluded” because of drugs during that time.

“We used to pimp her cautiously for a while and she made $ 1,000 every time she fucked someone,” one of Erika’s friends cut in.

“I had a major sugar dad, but he was shot dead in April 2017. I haven’t done any of those activities that were illegal and sucks since then,” added Erika. Adult movie star Lena The Plug later joined the interview.

Who are Adam22 and Lena the Plug?

Adam22 is an internet personality and adult movie star. He pioneered the popular BMX website The Come Up before entering the podcast scene. The “No Jumper” podcast has 3.69 subscribers on YouTube and no topic is banned on the show.

Adam is in a relationship with Lena The Plug, who often appears as a guest star on the podcast. The couple were just saying hello to their first child together, a daughter named Parker. Adam often explains on the podcast that their relationship is very open, which allows them to explore physical relationships with other people. The interview with Erika and her friends was no exception.

Will this affect your time in competition?

Frankly, Erika’s past in sex work is unlikely to affect her time in competition. Erika is very open about who she is and we saw that during her audition. Her golden ticket to Hollywood was the perfect revenge for her ex-boyfriend, which she dropped for being unmotivated.

In 2008, former stripper David Hernandez was allowed to stay on the show after reports surfaced that he was working at a Phoenix strip club. “We’ve had strippers on the show before,” executive producer Ken Warwick said at the time. “We never judge people who do such things.”

In the past, contestants have faced scandals that left viewers at home asking if they would stay in the competition or not. In 2003, contestant Frenchie Davis was actually dumped by American Idol after her topless photo was discovered. Frenchie used the money from the photos to pay for college. Just a few seasons later, candidate Antonella Barba also had her nude photos published online. However, she was allowed to stay in the competition.

American Idol certainly had strict rules when the show began when it came to contestants, explicit photos, or anything sexual. But there is also a double standard in dealing with these scandals. The rules have since been relaxed. We talk more about this in the What’s Hot Video below.


This season, contestant Claudia Conway had leaked her nude photos online. She was also sent to Hollywood and is expected to stay in the competition.


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