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Alleged sufferer admits recognising Suzi Taylor earlier than reserving escort

The man who claims to have been attacked by Suzi Taylor over money has admitted that he recognized her as “Suzi from The Block” before contacting her and agreeing to hire her for escort services.

Under cross-examination by Taylor’s defense attorney James Benjamin, David Butler agreed that he wanted to hang out with the former reality TV candidate.

David Butler leaves the Brisbane Supreme Court. Mr Butler is the alleged victim in the trial of former block candidate Suzi Taylor and her roommate Ali Ebrahimi. Image: NCA NewsWire / Jono Searle

Suellen Jan Taylor and Ali Ebrahimi are on trial in Brisbane District Court on five counts.

You have not pleaded guilty to imprisonment, assault, extortion, fraud or attempted fraud.

Mr Butler told the court Thursday that both Taylor and Ebrahimi punched and kicked him after Ebrahimi allegedly tied him up and that $ 950 had been withdrawn from his bank account after he was allegedly forced to enter his bank PIN -Number to give up.

Suzi Taylor leaves Southport Watch-House after pleading guilty to bail.

He first informed the court that he did not know the true identity of the escort Katie, who was Taylor, when he engaged her for sex and agreed to pay $ 250 for half an hour in October 2019.

Mr Butler said he brought a bottle of French champagne and a bottle of red wine to Katie’s New Farm around 1 a.m. on October 30, 2019.

When Mr Benjamin told Mr Butler today that he took the bottles of liquor to charm Taylor, he said, “Yes.”

When told that Taylor greeted her as Suzi when he opened the unit’s door, Mr. Butler said he could not remember.

Mr Butler also said he couldn’t remember when he was told he put a $ 50 bill on a counter and said, “There’s a lot more where this is coming from.”

Mr. Butler denied showering in Taylor’s bathroom, saying he couldn’t remember Taylor found him in the shower and saying, “That’s not right. I want you to go.”

Ali Ebrahmi is leaving the Brisbane District Court.  Ebrahami and his co-defendant, former The Block candidate Suzi Taylor, are on trial for alleged extortion, imprisonment, attempted robbery and fraud.  Image: NCA NewsWire / Dan Peled

Ali Ebrahmi is leaving the Brisbane District Court. Ebrahami and his co-defendant, former The Block candidate Suzi Taylor, are on trial for alleged extortion, imprisonment, attempted robbery and fraud. Image: NCA NewsWire / Dan Peled

Previously, Mr Butler had admitted, when cross-examining Mr Benjamin, that he had falsely told police and a court that he first met Katie through dating apps, Tinder and Plenty of Fish.

When Mr. Benjamin told Mr. Butler that he lied to both the police and the court about how he met Taylor, Mr. Butler said, “Because I was embarrassed and ashamed.”

Mr Butler told the District Court yesterday that he got soiled after being handcuffed for hours and after Ebrahimi allegedly refused his request to go to the bathroom.

Mr Benjamin told him that hours before he had soiled himself when Taylor called while lying on her and Ebrahimi, who he did not know was in the unit, came into the bedroom.

Mr Butler also agreed that he had made a conscious decision to delete some text messages between himself and Taylor before going to the police.

Under cross-examination by Ebrahimi’s defense attorney Yulia Chekirova, Mr. Butler agreed that he had lied while providing evidence on oath at the hearing.

Mr. Butler agreed when Ms. Chekirova told him he went to the unit and expected to pay $ 250 for half an hour of sexual services.

He accepted that the hourly rate was $ 500.

“You spent about six hours there,” Ms. Chekirova said to Mr. Butler.

“I was tied up for most of the time, but yes,” he replied.

Mr Butler denied having had a discussion with Taylor and Ebrahimi in the unit and that he had agreed to pay Taylor $ 2,000 for four hours.

He also denied telling Taylor that he would pay her $ 950 because he had close to $ 1,000 in his bank account.

Detective Senior Constable Matthew Cummins, who spoke to Mr. Butler at 8:45 a.m. on the day of the alleged attacks, said he saw red, inflamed pits on his wrists.

He said he found a smell of urine and feces on himself.

A doctor who examined Mr Butler the day after the alleged assaults said he had a cut finger and abrasions on his elbow, knee and arm.

Dr. Han Aung said Mr. Butler had pain in his neck, shoulder and lower back.

The general practitioner said he saw no facial injuries or bruises on Mr Butler’s shoulder, torso or back.

Dr. Aung confirmed that Mr. Butler told him he was attacked and had his hands tied with phone cords.

Gary Shelton, who lived in the same unit complex as Taylor and Ebrahimi, said at 5:30 a.m. on October 31, 2019, he heard a male voice saying, “Get away from him.”

“It wasn’t a request, it wasn’t an order, but it was a request,” Shelton said.

Brian Jeffries, who lived across from the Bowen Tce Complex, said around 5:30 that morning that he was woken by a male voice calling “help” and went outside.

He said he went back to bed and about five minutes later he heard another male shout “Help”.

The process continues.

Originally posted as a suspected victim, it admits it recognized Suzi Taylor before booking an escort