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Akron Man Dealing with Extra Intercourse Abuse Prices, This Time In Plymouth County –

Akron, Iowa – An Akron man arrested this week for child molestation by Sioux County authorities was arrested in Plymouth County on similar charges the week before he was arrested in Sioux County.

According to the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Office, 64-year-old Kevin James Jacobs was charged with a warrant against Plymouth County for four Grade B sexual abuse cases and one for Grade 3 sexual abuse Class, arrested D crime.

Plymouth County authorities say the arrest warrants were the result of an investigation into which an underage child alleged Jacobs inappropriately touched the child. He was taken into custody and sent to Plymouth County Jail.

Jacobs is charged with alleged sexual abuse of his stepdaughter while camping in a Sioux County park near Hawarden in Sioux County. In this case, he will be charged with Grade 2 Sexual Abuse, which is a Class B crime.

Photo courtesy of the Sioux County Jail

Original Sioux County story below … ..

Akron Man is charged with sexual abuse in Sioux County

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