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9 Extra Folks Accuse Calvert County Youth Soccer Coach of Intercourse Abuse – NBC4 Washington

A sexual abuse investigation involving a popular Calvert County youth soccer coach is growing, and a total of 12 prosecutors have come to trial.

Initially, two men reported that their former coach, Moshe Imel, had abused them for years when they were kids on youth soccer programs. A teenager then stepped forward after Imel’s arrest.

“We wouldn’t be sure that this was the end. So we reissued the press release. So if there are other victims, they have an opportunity to come forward,” said Lt. Col. Dave McDowel of the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office said.

Police said the nine new prosecutors were children when they said they had been ill-treated and that they were brave to come forward.

“It is a terrible event. I am sure that it is absolutely associated with symptoms of some type of PTSD. And I think it is very brave of you to do so and hopefully it will put you on some path to some kind of recovery” so McDowel said.

Pictured: Moshe Michael Imel

Imel’s family strongly denies the allegations. They said he had helped many young football players over the years and his son said over the phone that his father was “an amazing person” who “never molested anyone”.

Imel coached for the Patuxent Rhinos youth soccer program in Upper Marlboro for more than a decade and was a volunteer junior varsity soccer coach at Northern High School in Calvert County in 2016.

Police have not confirmed whether the alleged abuse occurred while he was training for these programs.

“Parents, please speak to your children. If any of this resonates with you or them, please speak to them and see if they were victims too, and let us get them the resources they need” said McDowel said.

Imel has not been charged in connection with these nine new prosecutors. The sheriff’s office said they are just beginning to investigate these allegations.

Following initial allegations, he was arrested on March 18 for four sexual abuse of a minor and is on $ 500,000 bond.

Anyone with information on the case can contact Detective Michael Mudd at